Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Michel'le - Hung Jury

Aight y'all niggaz I'm sorry I been gone for so long. I'm back. Shout out to tha muffukin homie NaziSpic for holdin it down in my absense. Dat weed waz crazy yo. Santa got me some of dat candy cane kuzh. ya fuckin heard? Anyfucks here is Michel'le's second cd. This was the only one of her cds dat got released on Death Row and even after several re-releases and shit total world wide sales were 69k lmfao. I can't really blame people for not buyin it cuz dat bitch sounded like Minnie Mouse when she spoke. Decent sanger bitch doe. Check dis out. I usually don't post albums but dis is rare seeing as it was a flop. I'm actually really surprised dis bitch stayed wif the row for so long. I guess Suge was stalkfuckin this bitch or somethin.

Download Album Hizzere

1. "Hang Tyme"- 4:54
2. "Can I Get a Witness"- 4:09
3. "Crazy"- 4:21
4. "Here 4 U"- 4:23
5. "After the Love"- 4:39
6. "Tonight Is"- 4:42
7. "Walk With Me"- 5:39
8. "Don't Say U Love Me"- 4:47
9. "Wasted My Tyme"- 3:46
10. "No Where 2 Run"- 4:31
11. "Hung Jury"- 4:39

P.S. I'm still comin with that Best of New Pac compilation but I'm taking my time making sure it's perfect before I release it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

D.J.AGE Presents-Death Row Records:Unreleased And Unleashed

Yo Heres An Exclusive Mixtape From DJ Age Wit Sum Unreleased an Rare Gems From Tha Death Row Camp So U Know Wut 2 Do : Download This An Play At A High Volume Where Eva U R!!!ENJOI-spicaveli

Download Mixtape Here

01. DJ-AGE- Suge Knight Intro
02. MAKAVELI & DAZ- Dont Go 2 Sleep
03. HAMMER, 2PAC & BIG DA- Too Late Playa
04. OFTB Ft. 2PAC & BIG SYKE- Better Dayz
05. 2ND II NONE Ft. DJ QUIK- Nuthin Has Changed
06. J-FLEXX- Stayin Alive
08. THA REALEST- Hustlin
09. PETEY PABLO & 2PAC- So Crazy
10. TOP DOGG Ft. EASTWOOD- If You Cant Take The Heat
11. HAMMER- The Beat
12. J-FLEXX- The Breaks
15. SNOOP DOGG, KURUPT & DAZ- Freestyle (Bitchez Aint Shit)
16. 2ND II NONE- The Dogg N Me
18. OFTB Ft. OUTLAWZ & KURUPT- Still A Mystery (Pac Tribute 96)
19. J-FLEXX Ft. DANNY BOY- Around The World
21. DAZ- Deez Nutz LIVE
22. PETEY PABLO- Me & My Bottle
26. OFTB Ft. KURUPT & SNOOP DOGG- That Was Then, This Is Now
27. TOP DOGG- Goin Back To Cali
29. CROOKED I- Come With Me (Death Row Story)
30. SUGE KNIGHT- Ride Wit Us Outro

Sam Sneed-Yes Indeed,Sam Sneed

YEAH U KNOW WUT THIS IS!!!! Death Row Tapes Is Bac Wit Anotha Bizzomb 4 Dat Izzazz!!! This Time Around We Got Another Project From None Other Than Tha "THINK YA BETTA RECOGNIZE" Man-Sam Sneed!! Dude Is Definitely Slept On As An Artist An Producer-check tha cut wit Nas An Nature an of Course BlueBerry 4 tha funk!!!
So Sit Bac An Blaze A Phat Azz 1 to this Cause We Only Gettn Started!-spicaveli

Download Mixtape Here

1.U Betta Recognize-w/DR DRE
2.Lady Heroine-w/J-Flex
3.BlueBerry-w/Snoop Doggy Dogg
4.In Da Zone-w/J-Flex/Drauma
5.The Golden Child-w/Tigha/Jasz
6.Thug Gonna Do-w/P-Scam/Jasz
7.Put It Down-Josey Whales
8.What Come Around
9.U Betta Recognize-(Extended G-Funk Remix) w/Dr.Dre
10.Street Dreams-w/Nas/Nature/Drauma
11.Guilty As Sin-w/Sharief/Drauma/Kurupt
12.Let The Madness Begin-w/R.C./Dramua/Jhery

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crooked I - Real Thugs

I'm back wusup yall Whats Crackin'? lol I know its been awhile but Ima be back to posting material soon heres a gem for yall this was off of that new death row boxset. Crooked I Real Thugs uses the same beat as the next episode(93' version).

Download Track Here

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tupac - The Sessions (2CD)

Yo I know it seemed like I waz gone for a fukin eternity and i wanted to post some shit all week but i couldn't really find anythang to post ya digg. It looks like i may be running out of shit to post but ill keep searchin for stuff to post for you folkz. Anyfuck here is a dope Tupac bootleg. It features Sessions as they were originally recorded. Some were takin from videos and others were taken from rare leaks. This is really dope shit. A lot of tha songz on here are original versions of the songs on the recent Pac releases. Here's a dope review of this shit. The 2nd track on dis joint is probably my favorite cuz Yaki Kadafi was my favorite member of tha outlawz. Speaking of those new and mostly horrible Pac shits, I'll be making a cd of all the best songs from those. I mean even though a lot of the songs were lame, there were atleast a 3 good songs on each album.

Download CD here.

1.The Bitches Session I (1:35)
2.The Medicate Freestyle Session (Yaki Kadafi & Storm) (20:06)
3.N E W Jerz (0:07)
4.The Brothaz At Armz Session I (8:55)
5.The Brothaz At Armz Session II (1:11)
6.The Letz Fight Session (9:57)
7.The Military Minds Session I (5:53)
8.The Coast II Coast Session (2:13)
9.That's Sick (Interlude) (0:09)
10.The Bitches Session II (3:41)
11.Too Much Hennessey (Outro) (0:48)
12.When Thugz Cry (Alternate Original Version) (5:17)
13.The Military Minds Session II (2:38)
14.Kadafi & Kastro Freestyle (1:02)
15.The Lastonesleft Session (2:19)
16.Back To Thugz Mansion (Interlude) (4:37)
17.The East Coast War (2Pac & Outlawz Interview Session) (14:02)
18.Basket Case ('96 Sho Shot) (Instrumental) (0:21)
19.Basket Case ('96 Shot Shot) With Greg Nice (0:47)
20.2Pac's Studio Philosophy (Interlude) (3:11)
21.The Troublesome 96 Session (3:14)
22.Reincarnation (2:35)
23.Secrets Of War Shit (Outro) (0:11)
24.M.O.B. (Original Version) With The Outlaw Immortalz (4:45)
25.Just Like Daddy (Dramacydal Version) (4:14)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DJ Total Presents: Death Row Untouchable Radio

Here's a compilation DJ Total put together with a bunch of unreleased tracks as well as alternate versions of songs. Theres a couple gems on here especially the Power 106 freestyles and Kurupt's "What Would You Do" Freestyle. Shoutouts to ViLN for requesting this shit cause I forgot I had it. I'm out dis hoe for now but I may be back later dis week ta bring ya anotha cd. Oh yeaz i heard some of you bitches talkin shit bout dat snoop i posted. Read the info before you complaine mang.

Download Mixtape Here

01 - Various Artists - Radio Intro
02 - Various Artists - Kickin It Interlude
03 - Various Artists - Gin Juice Laid Back Mix
04 - Various Artists - The 20 Sack Pyramid Interlude
05 - Various Artists - 40Z Bud (Unreleased)
06 - Various Artists - Mics In The Source (Unreleased)
07 - Various Artists - Rat Tat Tat Tat Tat (Unreleased Remix)
08 - Various Artists - Head Doctor Interlude
09 - Various Artists - Head Doctor (Unreleased OG Version)
10 - Various Artists - Girls Girls Girls (Unreleased)
11 - Various Artists - Big Pimpin (Unreleased OG Version)
12 - Various Artists - What Would You Do (Live On Power 106)
13 - Various Artists - Who Ride Wit Us (Unreleased Remix 1)
14 - Various Artists - Who Ride Wit Us (Unreleased Remix 2)
15 - Various Artists - Street Scholars (Unreleased)
16 - Various Artists - Rock Ya Body (Dj Total Blend)
17 - Various Artists - Freestyle Live On Power 106
18 - Various Artists - Who Am I Whats My Name Freestyle
19 - Various Artists - My Heat Goes Boom (Unreleased OG Version)
20 - Various Artists - Gangsta Ride (Unreleased)
21 - Various Artists - East West Interlude
22 - Various Artists - Fuck Em All (Unreleased Original Version)
23 - Various Artists - Untouchable (Unreleased OG Non Lp Version)
24 - Various Artists - Guaranteed Raw 2006 (Dj Total Blend)
25 - Various Artists - Porn Star Outro Message To Suge

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Snoop Dogg Presents: Tha Unreleased Vol. 1

Here goes some unreleased Snoop Dogg for ya azzez. I know most of this aint Death Row but we'll always remember him as tha Death Row dog, no matter what label he was on. Death Row 4 Life! My favorite song on dis is "Smokin Weed" with Ray J and Nate Dogg. It really aint Death Row material but Everyone on tha song was fuckin with Death Row at some time. Yep even Ray J recorded some shit with Suge. You definitely heard him on dem unreleased Crooked and Eastwood tracks. Yo im bout to go smoke up some weed I'll be back in about a week with some more unreleased dope shit. Happy Thanksgiving until than. Go bake you a fuckin turkey and smoke up after ya eat ya hearz. Oh yez by the way thanks to the member who sent me dis shit.

Download Album Here

1.Snoop Dogg - Last Man Standing
2.Snoop Dogg - Smokin Smokin Weed
3.Snoop Dogg - Whistle While You Hustle (Feat. Nate Dogg, Daz & Soopafly)
4.Snoop Dogg - I Don't Give A Fuck
5.Snoop Dogg - Sexy Gurl
6.Snoop Dogg - My Way (Feat. Bad Azz)
7.Snoop Dogg - Get 2 Know Ya
8.Snoop Dogg - Come With Me
9.Snoop Dogg - Bang This (Feat. Butch Cassidy)
10.Snoop Dogg - Life (Feat. The Emotions)
11.Snoop Dogg - Hot Pursuit
12.Snoop Dogg - Nigga Sayin Hi
13.Snoop Dogg - Money
14.Snoop Dogg - Last Meal
15.Snoop Dogg - D.P.G. Reunion (Feat. Daz Dillinger, Warren G, Soopafly & Bad Azz)
16.Snoop Dogg - So Hard

Tupac & Scarface - 2Face

Here is this bullshit bootleg to the much awaited 2pac and Scarface album that was rumored to be in works. Theres absolutely no new Pac songs on this but just some of his greatest hits. There are a few unreleased Scarface joints I guess but the quality is terrible. I guess download this if your a true collector of Row shit but its really weird. Apparently there was a real version that was supposed to come out but Pacs bitchass mom stopped it or someshit. Oh well maybe someone will make a blend tape or soemthing someday. Oh yeah I forgot there is some kinda weird as fuck chopped and screwed "Smile" remix lmfao. Around 2004 or so Scarface was rumored to be signed to Death Row according to Suge but Scarface squashed that fat asses rumor a couple days later.

Download Album Here


Dr. Dre - Puffin' On Blunts And Drankin (feat. Tha Dogg Pound & Lady of Rage)

Aight y'all here is a music video for one of the B-Sides of "Dre Day". It just came out on dat Ultimate Death Row Collection. I haven't had tha mufukin chance to pick that shit up yet but I heard its kinda hard to find. If I get my hands on it I might just release a compilation of all the rare tracks or some ish i dont really know im thankin about it. But yo definitely check out dis vid righ here. Its on dat gangsta westside shit all day. My nigga Kurupt straight up bodies the track and tears it up with his flow. It's definitely safe to say he had the best verse but Daz killed it and so did Lady of Rage. Dere be some cameos from Snoop and Dre in tha vid as well so check dat out. Pick up dat collection here. By tha way this song is also on that The Chronic - B-Sides & Remixes cd that I already posted.

Dr. Dre - Puffin' On Blunts And Drankin (feat. Tha Dogg Pound & Lady of Rage)

"I Gets more wickid than BeatleJuice" - Kurupt aka Row Rida

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Warlord - Still Can Getcha Block Knocked Off Vol. 2

Yo here is that Warlord vol. 2 everybody was requesting. Big Big shoutouts to my nigga NaziSpic once again for coming through with some hot shit exclusive type stuff ya feel me. Anyways this is his followup to the hood classic Vol. 1. Apparently "The sequel brings more heat and more from Warlord with DJ Fokis at the wheel. Strap in and get ready to get cha block knocked off for a second time around." According to DJ Folk ha. Anyone know whats up with Warlord and these short ass titles for his songs? Must be a man of few words. Guess he lets his voice out on the mic and not the tracklists.

Download Mixtape Here

4.If I Was
5.A Team
6.Grown S**t
7.Hands Up
10.Feeling This Way
13.You Know
14.Departed (Touch the Sky)
15.The S**t
16.And What
17.Built Like Me
18.Gangsta 4 Life
19.Give a F**k

2pac and Daz - Shadow Ops (Red Mercury)

Aight y'all I'm back. Went on another hiatus. Got some purple kush this time, that shit done had me blowned. Anyfucking a, heres a mixtape Whoo Kid did with Daz around the time that Makaveli and Dillenger EP was coming out. It's got a remix to Don't Go 2 Sleep with Busta. This is definitely worth checking out cause theres some hot mixes on here. Whoo Kid always been one of my favorite fuckin DJ's. He be making me lauff my azz of when im high and shit. Oh yeah shout out to Wordap for originaly hookin me up with the lank.

Download Mixtape Here

1.Daz Intro
2.Still Gettin Paid
3.Red Mercury Interlude
4.1st To Bomb
5.Dont Go To Sleep
6.Daz Interlude
7.Soon As I Get Home
8.We Ride
12.Roof Is On Fire
13.Shoot You Up
14.Roll With Us

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nipsey Hussle - Death Row Demo

Shoutout to NSPZ for hookin me up with this muffukin lank. I had no clue Nipsey Hu$$le was tryin to get signed to Death Row. I guess every striving West coast artist if desperate enough, would try to get signed. It woulda been cool to see this shit pop off tho. Could you imagine him, Crook, and Eastwood on the cover of Vibe as the future. Ha! Drop some info on this tape in the comments folks. I wanna know sum more shit about dis.

Download Demo Here

01. Back To The Crib
02. Nipsey's Story
03. Slauson Raised
04. Hustlin'
05. If I Fall Off
06. Cali
07. On Tha Block

Swoop G - World Don't Take Me Personally

Here iz tha other album from Death Row Affiliate Swoop G. This dun came out a year after that Undisputed joint. Some of these tracks actually appeared on that joint. But this shit was released with more distribution and on a better label so I guess the inmate fikkured he'd inklude some of his favorite tracks from Undisputed but also add some more new joints. Either that or he was just lazy ha. Swoop also disses DPG on the "Not To Be Fucked With" Track. Fuck him for that man. Kurupt woulda got him killed on wax if he knew that lmfao. Anyfuck the dopest song on here is "World Don't Take Me Personally" which feataures an Exclusive Pac verse. I have no clue how he got his hands on that but he did. Thats definitely whats fuckin up! Oh yeah and lol at the cover. Shit is on some MC Hammer type shit lmfao.

Download Album Here

1. Feet Up (featuring Black Rain)
2. Not To Be Fucked With (Ryder version)
3. I Do Need You
4. World Don't Take Me Personally (featuring 2Pac & 2 Scoops)
5. Bustas (featuring Lil' C Style) (Ryder Version)
6. My Life
7. Have Mercy (featuring Bernni Mac & 2 Scoops)
8. 20 Dollars
9. Simpin' Ain't Pimpin' (featuring Poppa L.Q.)
10. Mob Shit (featuring Luniz, 3X Krazy & Cydal)
11. Bust One Mo'
12. Gangsta Sh*t
13. Soldier's Prayer (featuring Cydal)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Warlord - I Can Getcha Block Knocked Off Vol. 1

Ok real zaggin here's Vol. 1 of the official Warlord mixtape. Warlord was one of the up and coming artists who was going to be releasing stuff through Death Row East. None of that ever happened though save 2 mixtapes. I also got a volume 2 of this that I'll be posting soon. Until then bump in ya tahoes.

Download Mixtape Here

01 Blocktro
02 I Know Who
03 Get It Too
04 King
05 Crazy
06 It's On
07 Don't Wait
08 Going To War
09 Thanks We Get
10 Nig_az Know
11 My Gun
12 Fall Off
13 Smoke That
14 Anybody
15 Fu_k You Fagit
16 Holding My Ground
17 How I Do It
18 Wanna Know
19 Love'n & Extacy
20 Ridah
21 Murdah
22 Love Me
23 Hustler

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fredro Starr Talks Death Row

Yo this right here is some crazy ass shit! In this video right here dat nugga Fredro from Onyx talks about Suge approaching him at the Sunset Park premier, asking him to sign with Death Row! Man y'all gotta watch this video to hear the story. Fredro breaks it down.

Fredro Starr Talks Death Row

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tupac Featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg - Amerikaz Most Wanted (Da Ghetto Verzion)

Aight y'all here is dat Ghetto version of the classic snoop and pac song. This was kinda like a behind the scenes version of some type shit. Anyfuck its an mp4 so its ready for ya inmates ipods. Or in my fuckin case my spipod. Yo I told y'all bitchasses I was gonna hit you up with some rare videos! Well here it goes!

Download Video Here

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Tupac - All Bout U (Solo Video)

Haha Im Back once again! Check this out heres the rare 2Pac All Bout U solo music video that just leaked.Its In mp4. and is in the best quality available.

Ya Welcome as always,give me them props yall

Download Video Here

Tupac - Toss It Up (Beach Version)

Wassup its DF coming with that hard shi*,here we got the Toss It Up unreleased beach version video.Its in mp4. its the best quality available too.

Download Video Herre

Tha Dogg Pound - Last Of Tha Pound

Wussup yall its The DoggFather bringing you that heat once again.Here we got Tha Last of Tha Pound By Tha Dogg Pound.Daz released this after Death Row released 2002.This got some rare tracks some early dpg tracks and later ones as well.Got this CD years ago on ebay.This isshh is hella hot and ya'll are gonna like this.Ya punks is welcome,holla!Props goes to the homie row for converting this as I had it in a different format.This CD features the Outlawz,Foxy Brown,NaS and others.

Download Here

01 - Don't Stop Keep Goin' (OG)
02 - It Ain't My Fault
03 - What The People Say
04 - School Hayard Aka DPG High
05 - Got To Get It
06 - Some Likk
07 - Stories Of Hoez We Know
08 - Jakkmove
09 - We R Them Dogg Pound Gangstaz
10 - Started

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Makaveli & Dillenger - Don't Go 2 Sleep (Tha Album)

Ok here is the 17 track version of Don't Go 2 Sleep. It features some of the tracks from Daz's at the time upcoming album as well as some skits and shit. Don't sleep on this gem right chear. It's not the 25 track version but it's probably the closest version any of ya'll will have to it. Shoutout to my homie nazispic for hookin this up. I see ya holmes! As always if any of you inmates got that 25 track version, that I'm beginning to think doesn't even fuckin exist, hook a broseph up.


01 25.5 Million
02 Wake Up My People
03 Dont Go 2 Sleep (Remix)
04 1st 2 Bomb (Remix)
05 Im Dumpin
06 Lets Fight
07 1st 2 Bomb
08 Dont Go 2 Sleep (Alt. Mix)
09 They Dont Give A ---- About Us
10 Dont Go 2 Sleep (Soul G Mix)
11 Only Move For The Money
12 1st 2 Bomb (BBK Mix)
13 1st 2 Bomb (Instrumental)
14 All Night
15 Dog Catcha
16 Get Shot Up
17 Thug Pound

Friday, October 23, 2009

Swoop G - Undisputed

Aight y'all I had to take another highatus but heres a hard to find cd from deathrow affiliate Swoop G. This niggaz only claim to fame was some song he did called "Head Doctor" with Snoop Doggy Dogg. He was also on the Chronic 2000 compilation as well as Murder Was the Case OST. Anyfuck check this album out. There's no big name death row features on this but he was fukin with Death Row at the time. The hottest thang about this here cd is the g-funk production. It definitely personifies (fuck that word prolly went ova ya headz) the Death Row sound.


1. Intro
2. Tha M.O.B. (feat. The Luniz, 3X Krazy, Cydal & Knucklehead)
3. Not To Be Fucked With
4. I Am The 1
5. My Life
6. Call Me (feat. Dee-Dee)
7. Who Got The Gangsta Shit Pt. II (feat. Bart & JT The Bigga Figga)
8. Gangsta In California
9. 20 Dollars
10. Testimonies (feat. 2 Scoops & Bart)
11. Eastside Madness (feat. T Luni & Tray D)
12. Simpin' Into Pimpin' (feat. Poppa LQ)
13. G House
14. She Broke Me Off
15. O.B.G.
16. Soldiers Prayer (feat. Cydal)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2Pac - Pain

Its ya boy The DoggFather comin with that dope ishh once again.

First off props to the homie Snoopy and 2Leak(some shi* like that) for hooking me up with this.Originally how this gangsta tape came together was 2Leak he made it and Snoopy organized the tracks and made a cover for it(he added ja rule's version of pain in 320 btw,he also added another remix of pain).

This tape is the shit,even your moms will bounce to this or cry this tape is one of the prophet 2pac's best song(every song dude went and done will always be the best) and also one of his saddest.Almost every one of yall could relate to this ishh pac came hard on this.Whats on this tape is different versions of pain.Also Theres the original sample that pain uses.Ya welcome homeboys and homegirls keep it real and one moe thing cop that lost sessions vol.1 album by snoop sh*t is mad bumpin'

01-2Pain - Intro
02-2Pac - Pain (Radio Remix Extended Version)
03-2Pac - Pain (Live)
04-2Pac - Pain (Burn Remix)
05-2Pac - Pain (Remix)
06-2Pac - Pain (Instrumental)
07-2Pac - Pain (Ja Rule Remix)
08-2Pac - Pain (OG)
09-2Pac - Pain
10-2Pac - Pain (Alt. OG)
11-Earl Klugh -Livin' Inside Your Love
12-2Pac-Pain (When They Cry Remix)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Warlord & Lake - Da Nu Dynasty

Here is another weird/rare bootleg from that website. It features tracks from Lake of Death Row East as well as Warlord. I also added 3 random Warlord tracks to the end of the tape. They were posted at the site as well. Here goes dis shit. By the way I posted tha fuckin back cover cuz the front was wack. Both are in the .rar.


01.Warlord - commercial
02.Warlord - king freestyle
03.Warlord - how i do it
04.Warlord & Big Los - thanks we
05.Warlord - going to war
06.Lake - crush linen
07.Lake - blow
08.Lake ft. CNN & Cormega - we gon buck
09.Lake - unarmed
10.Lake ft. Nas - let 'em hang
11.Lake - rise and fall (death row signing story)
12.Warlord - freak
13.Warlord - hands up
14.Warlord - yours

Eastwood - Self Made Vol. 3 (Serving the Streets)

Aight y'all here is volume 3 of the classic mixtape serious by our nigga Eastwood. I'm pretty sure he was off of Death Row by the time this one dropped but Ima post it anyways cause I posted the other volumes and shit. The niggaz Crooked I and Hot Dollar are on this tizzape as well fools! Shoutout to mr. riggs for hookin a nugga up!


01 - Eastwood - Intro
02 - Eastwood Ft Knuckleheadz - We ballin (Produced By Meech Wells)
03 - Crooked- I - Welcome to My City
04 - E-40 FT The Game , Snoop Dogg - No More
05 - Bloodshott Ft Kam , Dizzle - Made Niggas
06 - Roscoe - Training Dayshorter
07 - Eastwood - I'AM (Produced by Meech Wells)
08 - Butch Cassidy - So Gangsta (Produced by DAE ONE)
09 - The Jacka - Real Feeling
10 - Damizza Ft Butch Cassidy , Young De - Six Feet Deep
11 - Kurupt Ft Daz - Get My Drink ON
12 - Spice 1 - Eastbay G'z
13 - Goldie Locc , Chris Steel , Young Cal , Lebo - Gwap Up
14 - Eastwood Ft Cutty , Live Wire - I Got Swag
15 - Big Rich , Boo Banger , San Quinn - San Fransico Anthem (produced by Traxxamillion)
16 - Xzibit Ft Kobe - Gotta Get Em
17 - Glasses Malone Ft Rick Ross , Bird Man , T Pain - Sun Come Up
18 - Kartoon - Can't Stop Me
19 - The Jacka - Aspen
20 - Outlawz Ft Crooked - I - All These Haters
21 - Hot Dollar - I Luv The Streets
22 - Spice 1 - Welcome to the Ghetto

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LBC Crew - Escape from Death Row

Here is another LBC bootleg. This one is hotter than ever. It features my boy Crooked and Kurupt on some tracks! Hell yeah. Shoutout to Doggfather for making the cover. Definitely gonna bang this shit and smoke out in a few.


01 - Costie & Low Life - Low Life Intro
02 - Kurupt, Q & Tray-D - Back On Tha Smash
03 - Daz Dillinger & Cognac - What Cha Gonna Do
04 - Daz Dillinger, Hit From Tha LBC & Low Life - Here We Go Now
05 - Hit From Tha LBC, Crooked I & Ric - Do Your Thing
06 - Crooked I & Silva Satin - Uh-Oh
07 - Young Life, Lil C-Style & Hit From Tha LBC - Now That I'm Older
08 - Silva Satin, Ruff Dogg & Blaqthoven - We're Gonna Party
09 - Bad Azz, Young Life, Hit From Tha LBC & Blaqthoven - Rollin Wit Low Life
10 - Q & Young Life - Life
11 - Soopafly & Hit From Tha LBC - Hittin Fo'
12 - Q, Ebony-E & Toni Hill - Dance Wit Me
13 - Soopafly - They May Fuck Wit U
14 - RBX & Silva Satin - Flip Side
15 - Techniec Pay Back
16 - Techniec feat. Ice Cube - What You Gonna Do
17 - Techniec, Bad Azz - 92.3 The Beat Freestyle

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Death Row Unreleased Hits Vol. 1

Yo inmate here goes another Death Row Compilation for your asses. This dude made 2 volumes to this shit and compiled some of his favorites so there's bound to be a hit or 2 on here for your ass. Kurupt and Coolio go hard on Dedication!


01.Crooked I - G'd Up & Banged Out
02.J-Flexx & Sam Sneed - Lady Heroin
03.Top Dogg -If U Can't Take The Heat
04.2pac, Snoop Dogg, & DPG - Just Watchin'
05.Outlawz feat. Bad Azz & Prince Ital Joe - Bless My Soul
06.J-Flexx feat. Dr. Dre - Street Scholars
07.Above the Law - Cheese
08.Sam Sneed feat. Snoop Dogg - Blueberries
09.Crooked I feat. Sisqo - So Damn Hood
10.Top Dogg -Me and My Boys
11.Trae Dee feat. Snoop Dogg - The Shh For This
12.OFTB feat. Jewell - Check Ya Hood
13.J-Flexx feat. Sam Sneed & Drauma - In Da Zone
14.Tha Realest feat. Swoop G & Crooked I - Drivin In my Glass House
15.Kurupt, Coolio & Prince Ital Joe - Dedication

Top Dogg - The Renegade

Its ya boy The DoggFather wussup yall hope yall likin this blog.Check this out Top Dogg ya favorite biter right here this is a sampler to his new album: The Renegade.His style changed alot and this bumps check it out and ya welcome.

01-Top Dogg - Close 2 U
02-Top Dogg - Dreams Of Gettin' Rich
03-Top Dogg - Gangsta Makin'
04-Top Dogg - Who Let The Dogg Loose?
05-Top Dogg - Playa 4 Life

Crooked I - Guess Who's Back (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Yo we don't be posting new shit on here really but I thought this shit was worth a post. We got 2 artists previously from Death Row on a new track! They went and done squashed the beef and got to the money. Thats what I'm talking about mang! Hell mufuckin ya!

Crooked I - Guess Who's Back (feat. Snoop Dogg)


Tupac Lost Vibe Interviews (Parts 5 and 6)

Yo Inmates here goes parts 5 and 6 of that Lost Vibe interview from dat nigga pac! In the 5th part he be talking to Suge bout goin to Vegas and shit on the phone. In the 6th part dat nigga pac be talkin bout his movie Gridlock'd! That is most definitely my favorite Pac movie! That movie is crazy mang!

Lost Vibe Interview Part 5

Lost Vibe Interview Part 6

Monday, October 5, 2009

Daz Dillinger - Dillinger & Makaveli II (The Tribute Album)

Check this out yall the D&M 2 The Tribute album.Daz released this originally with DJ Nik Bean the most annoying f'ing DJ Of all time.Well the homie hooked me up with this untagged so goodbye Nik Bean nobody needed ya ass anyways.

01-Daz Dillinger - Daz Speaks on 1st meeting with 2Pac
02-Daz Dillinger - 2Pac songs produced by Daz
03-Daz Dillinger - Goin' Full Throttle
04-Daz Dillinger - 1st 2 Bomb feat.2Pac
05-Daz Dillinger - I Ain't Got
06-Daz Dillinger - It's Crazy
07-Daz Dillinger - So Many Tears
08-Daz Dillinger- F U Roll Call- JD, Suge Knight & Alan Grumblatt
09-Daz Dillinger - Till The Day I Die
10-Daz Dillinger - I Know U Wanna
11-Daz Dillinger - La Brenda Got A Baby Too
12-Daz Dillinger - Don't Get Caught Slippin'
13-Daz Dillinger - U Lookin' Cute
14-Daz Dillinger - Outro

J Flexx - Big Game James

Check this out ya'll. Tha DoggFather is back with that dope shit yall love.peep this out yall this is a rare j-flexx tape released in 2007 before his album BillBoard Dreams came out,he did this tape with DJ Jus Bus.This tape is mad hot and he uses some snoop dogg beats here and others.Peep This Out Yall

01-J Flexx - The Shit
02-J Flexx - You Know The Deal
03-J Flexx - Fade Me
04-J Flexx - Ladies
05-J Flexx - Imagine
06-J Flexx - Purple
07-J Flexx - Cruise Control
08-J Flexx - Money In The Tank
09-J Flexx - Ohio (Outro)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dr. Dre - Exclusive

Here's a Dre bootleg for y'all. I believe it was retail somewhere because a Group actually released it but who the fuck really knows. Ya smell? Anyfuck this has got a lot of dope unreleased Dr. Dre tracks on it. It's definitely worth checking the fuck out. Our boys Sam Sneed and J Flexx are on a couple of tracks. And you already know Kurupt gets it in on track 10!


01-Dr.Dre - Intro
02-Dr.Dre - Fist Full Of Dollas feat. Dr.Dre and Nature
03-Dr.Dre - Blueberries feat. Snoop Dogg & Sam Sneed
04-Dr.Dre - Lady Herion feat. Sam Sneed & J. Flexx
05-Dr.Dre - Sooner You Give feat. E.S.P.
06-Dr.Dre - Nothin To It feat. Serenade
07-Dr.Dre - Nas (Interlude)
08-Dr.Dre - 4 In Tha Mornin feat. Nature & R.C.
09-Dr.Dre - Street Dreams feat. Nas & Nature & Drauma
10-Dr.Dre - Guilty As Sin feat. Sharief & Drauma & Kurupt
11-Dr.Dre - Let The Maddness Begin feat. R.C. & Drauma & Jhery
12-Dr.Dre - Hands On (Intro)
13-Dr.Dre - Experience feat. Hands On
14-Dr.Dre - Get It On feat. Hands On
15-Dr.Dre - In Da Zone feat. Sam Sneed & J. Flexx & drauma
16-Dr.Dre - Outro

J Flexx - F.L.E.X.X.

Here is a random ass bootleg my homie agablex hooked us up with. Basically its like that Lady of Rage bootleg I posted earlier. It's got most if not all of the tracks he did on various albums and compilations. There is no big profile artists on this shit which is quite weird. If anyone has any more info on this let a nugga know. Dopest song on here is probably his version of Dre's "Been There Done That."


01.OG Ridaz (feat. Young Dre)
03.Cheeze at Last
04.Game Don't Last Forever
05.30 Plus One
06.Warning (feat. Major Grip & Porsha)
07.Try to Make Her Mine (feat. Jeff Robinson)
08.Smoker's Delite Crack Head (interlude)
09.Break Bread
10.Low Rider Thang (feat. Kill Roy)
11.Nowhere to Run (feat. Jeff Robinson)
13.Raised in Da Hood (feat. Volume 10)
14.Here I Go Again
16.Take Care of Your Own
17.Game Over
18.Who Been There, Who Done That

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr. Dre: The Chronic Re-Lit & From The Vault

Here is the full dvd for that re-release of The Chronic Re-Lit that is in stores now. Definitely go pick that shit up. It's better than the original remasters of The Chronic. I haven't watched this DVD yet but I'm sure its gutta and gangsta as hell. Classic Dre shit if you know what I mean.

Dr. Dre: The Chronic Re-Lit & From The Vault

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Makaveli & Dillinger - Don't Go 2 Sleep Tha EP (Version 2)

Ok here we go y'all. Here is the second version of Don't Go 2 Sleep EP. This version was the Japanese retail and it had the same tracks as the other version Doggfather posted but also included the tracks "Move for the Money", "Don't Go To Sleep Soul-G Remix", "First To Bomb" instrumental, as well as "First to Bomb BBK Remix". Dis here be the easiest version to find. I'm lookin for dat Makaveli & Dillinger, The Whole Album at the moment to post up here. Let an inmate know if any of y'all have it. I know I used to have it but I lost that shit somewhere.


01.Wake Up My People (the Intro)
02.Don't Go 2 Sleep (Ft Kurupt)
03.First 2 Bomb (Ft Tanya Herron)
04.I'm Dumpin' (Ft Young Assasins)
05.Let's Fight
06.First 2 Bomb (Ft Outlawz)
07.Don't Go 2 Sleep (Ft Edi)
08.They Don't Give A Fuck About Us
09.Don't Go 2 Sleep (Soul G-Mix)
10.Only Move 4 Tha Money
11.First 2 Bomb (Bbk Mix)
12.First to Bomb (Instrumental Version)

Tupac Lost Vibe Interviews Continuted.

Here's 2 other parts to that lost Vibe interview. Nugga pac be talkin bout Bill Clinton, damn I always know Clinton was a thug. He also talks about puffy being involved in his shooting. This some crazy shit y'all.

Lost Vibe Interview (Part 3)

Lost Vibe Interview (Part 4)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sam Sneed - Slaves

Its The DoggFather comin' with that hot stuff once again ya boy is back up to it

Check this out this ain't a death row track but this is a new track by Sam Sneed shit is mad hot check it out yalll came out last year.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tupac - Lost Vibe Interviews

What's up thugs, sorry its been so long since an inmate like my self posted on a blog but I'm back. He we go with some unreleased Pac footage. Shoutout to whoever be leaking dis shit. Pac talks about never having beef with Biggie. Dis some real shit right here.

Tupac - Lost Vibe Interview (Part 1)

Tupac - Lost Vibe Interview (Part 2)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DPG Eulogy

Its ya boy DoggFather comin wit dat heat once again. As I mentioned this on another post I knew I had to post it for yall.This documantary is tight but the video quality is shit looked like Daz recorded it wita camera phone.This doc. tells the whole story about the DPG its worth lookin in to.This is in mp4 and should work on your bootleg ipods and mp3 players.

Ya welcome and props goes to the boys at WestCoastNation for hookin us up wit this

Tha Dogg Pound - That Was Then, This Is Now

Yo check this out Tha Dogg Pound Daz and Kurupt is gonna release a Documantary on their dayz at Death Row and a soundtrack.Peep this out yo hopefully it won't be like DPG Eulogy (by that I meant it was horribly recorded look liked they used a f'in camera phone) the score is gonna be produced by Hi-Tek(who works with Dr. Dre).The Soundtrack is gonna be sick hopefully the Doc won't stink this shit haves classic written all over it, check out the latest track from it. Click here for the cover.

Makaveli & Dillinger - Don't Go 2 Sleep Tha EP (Verson 1.5)

Its ya boy The DoggFather once again giving u that dope shit.Makaveli & Dillinger Don't Go 2 Sleep Tha EP is a compliation released By Da To the Z back up in 2001.This Version 1.5 and got some classic shit only 8 tracks.There was 5 different versions if any of yall have it holla @ ya boy.This shit right here is hard to find and Daz pulled some shiesty shit and ended up getting sued after this.
All this was produced by Daz except track 6 They Don't Give A Fuck About Us.There's 2 OG'z up on this and the rest is remixes...................wait hold up they is cool peep this out yall.

01 - Makaveli & Dillinger Wake My People Up (Intro)
02 - Makaveli & Dillinger - Don't Go 2 Sleep
03 - Makaveli & Dillinger - First 2 Bomb
04 - Makaveli & Dillinger - Let's Fight(Niggaz Wanna Get It On)
05 - Makaveli & Dillinger- I'm Dumpin'
06 - Makaveli & Dillinger- They Don't Give A Fuck About Us
07 - Makaveli & Dillinger - Don't Go 2 Sleep (OG)
08 - Makaveli & Dillinger - First 2 Bomb (OG)

Snoop Dogg-The Lost Sessions Vol.1

The next g-upped release from WIDEawake is gonna be Snoop Dogg-The Lost Sessions Vol.1 make sure yall pick this gangsta masterpiece up when it hit them stores on Oct.13!

1. Soldier Story (Intro)
2. Doggystyle (ft. Dr. Dre, George Clinton and Jewell)
3. Fallin' Asleep on Death Row (ft. Dr. Dre)
4. Eat A Dick (ft. Dr. Dre)
5. Hoez (ft. Dogg Pound)
6. O.G. (Original Version) (ft. Nate Dogg)
7. Keep It Real Dogg
8. One Life to Live (ft. Techniec & The Lady of Rage )
9. The Genie(ft. Bad Azz, Bo Rock)
10. Funk With Ya Brain (Interlude)
11. Caught Up
12. Put It In Ya Mouth
13. Gravy Train (ft. Bad Azz & Tray Deee)
14. Life's Hard (Dedicated to 2pac) (ft. K-Ci & Jojo, Big Pimpin')
15. The Root Of All Evil (Outro) (ft. Dr. Dre)

*16. Quite Obvious (ft. Rappin' 4 Tay)
*17.Once Again
*18. Got to do Wrong

*Best Buy Bonus Songs

Snoop Dogg- Smoke On

Here's some of that hard shit this was off that Chronic Re-Lit album as if we all need another Chronic CD.This shit goes hard here's the bonus track off the clean version of The Chronic Re-Lit.
Props goes to the homie Anonymous One for hooking us up.

01- Snoop Dogg- Smoke On

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crooked I Westcoastanostra Vol. 1

It's ya boy The DoggFather coming with that dope gangsta shit that only gangstas gett gansta wit.Peep this out this is Crooked I's only release on Death Row.Dope hard to find mixtape.This tape is produced by Darren Vegas who was part of Tha Row Hitters.All of these are actual beats and not stolen from any other artist.Except Track 6's beat was from A R-Kelly song.Crooked I came with some heat on this and also dissed Snoop Dogg on this tape.Get it before shits gone you never know what could can happen..... and ya welcome you punk mofo's.

01 - Crooked I - Intro
02 - Crooked I - Hood Near You
03 - Crooked I - Ya Really Don't
04 - Crooked I - Death Rows Back
05 - Crooked I - You Know What'z Up
06 - Crooked I - Quit Snitchin'
07 - Crooked I - Fuc-Wid-Us

Friday, September 4, 2009

Death Row 2009 Promo

I thought y'all inmates should see this. It's a 2009 promo from Wideawake/Death Row talking bout how they gon' release that og gangsta shit to keep our ears rangin. Alls I gotz to say is hell muthafuckin yeah!

Oh and I got some unreleased footage coming soon. I just gotta upload some of it to youtube. Anyone know a better video host that won't take shit down?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dr. Dre - The Chronic (Remixes & B-Sides)

Ok here's a tape bad-n-fluenz (yes that dude who be posting it up in the inmate chat box) put together. It's got all the remixes and b-sides to shit off of the Chronic. It's really dope and the quality is good as well. Dis nig did a dope job on the back cover and inlays as well so make sure you download the cd to check them out.


01 - Dr. Dre - The Chronic (Intro)
02 - Dr. Dre - Dre Day (UK Flavor)
03 - Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But a G Thang [Club Mix]
04 - Dr. Dre - Deep Cover
05 - Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride [Remix]
06 - Dr. Dre - Dre Day [Extended Club Remix]
07 - Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But A G Thang ft. Snoop Dogg (Remix)
08 - Dr. Dre - Puffin' on Blunts & Drankin' Tanqueray [Extended Mix]
09 - Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride [Extended Club Mix]
10 - Dr. Dre - 187um [Deep Cover Remix]
11 - Dr. Dre - Lil' Ghetto Boy [Remix]
12 - Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But a G Thang [Freestyle Remix]
13 - Dr. Dre - One Eight Seven [Explicit]
14 - Dr. Dre - Fuck Wit Dre Day [Remix][Mix]

Tha Dogg Pound - Paw Printz

Ok, here's a bootleg that's been floating around with unreleased dogg pound cuts when they were on Death Row. I really don't have that much info on this at all. It seems like this shit is pre Dogg Food though. Kurupt and Daz sounds mad young. I do know that track 3 also appeared on In Tha Beginning There Was Rap compilation album where artists did covers of classics. But other than that I don't know shit bout this shit. There wasn't even a tracklist to it. But this dunn hooked you ups. I listened to all the trax and put what would have most likely been the names. I also added features as I was going along. I'm sure i missed some of dem tho. If someone knows anymore info about diz pleese let me know. P.S. props to the homie TheDoggFather on the cover.


01 - Tha Dogg Pound - Move Quick Move Fast
02 - Tha Dogg Pound - Pussy Interlude
03 - Tha Dogg Pound - Knick Knack Patty Wack
04 - Tha Dogg Pound - Tha Dogg Way
05 - Tha Dogg Pound - Roll Wit Us
06 - Tha Dogg Pound - Gangsta Gangsta
07 - Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Pound Can't Stop
08 - Tha Dogg Pound - Hurt Somebody (feat. Snoop Dogg)
09 - Tha Dogg Pound - I Do It
10 - Tha Dogg Pound - Gangstas Walk (feat. Nate Dogg)
11 - Tha Dogg Pound - You Can't See Me
12 - Tha Dogg Pound - Puppy Love (feat. Nate Dogg)
13 - Tha Dogg Pound - Party People (feat. Bad Azz & Snoop Dogg)
14 - Tha Dogg Pound - DPG 4 Life
15 - Tha Dogg Pound - Life of a Gangsta
16 - Tha Dogg Pound - Money, Cars, Bitches
17 - Tha Dogg Pound - Steppin In the House
18 - Tha Dogg Pound - Outro

Topp Dogg -The Death Row Inmate

Here's another bootleg for y'all bitch asses favorite rapper, Topp Dogg. I don't even wanna talk about this stupid nigga anymore so here u go. Atleast its got his only big single on it. I'm sure Pac was rolling in his grave when he heard this nigga put him on his songs. And wtf @ this nigga dissing Nororious B.I.G. after he done died.


1. Intro
2. We Don't Love Em
3. All About U feat. Tupac & Outlawz
4. CindaFella
5. Going Back 2 Cali (Notorious B.I.G. Diss)
6. Me & My Boyz
7. We Don't Love Em (Hydro Remix) feat. Tupac

Eastwood - Self Made: The Streets Vol. 2 (The Gutter)

Yo here is dis Vol. 2 of that Eastwood. I'm lookin for volume 3 but its a bitch to find. I'll definitely hook it up though when I find it. Anyfuck this be some gangsta shit. Kurupt kills it on Holocause 3000!


01 - Eastwood - Hoez A House Wife (SMA Remix) - Eastwood, Tri, Live Wire
02 - Eastwood - Money, Hoez, Clothez - Eastwood, Bizzle, Live Wire
03 - Eastwood - S.M.A Party - Eastwood, Gail Gotti, Roscoe, Bizzle, Cutty, Live Wire
04 - Eastwood - Million Dolla Spot (SMA Remix) - Eastwood, Bizzle, Cutty, Live Wire
05 - Eastwood - Coosh - Eastwood, Cutty, Live Wire
06 - Eastwood - Dippin Chevys - Eastwood
07 - Eastwood - Pimpin' - Eastwood, Tone, Live Wire, Bizzle, Tri
08 - Eastwood - Holocause 3000 - Eastwood, Kurupt, Gail Gotti
09 - Eastwood - So Gangstafied
10 - Eastwood - Rise Up
11 - Eastwood - Nottin But a G' Thang (Freestyle)
12 - Eastwood - Favorite Whore
13 - Eastwood - Tipsy (Freestyle)
14 - Eastwood - I Just Wanna Ride

Eastwood -Selfmade The Streets Vol.1

Ok here is one of the most gangsta ass tapes I've heard. It's from the one and only Eastwood. He was one of my favorite rappers on Tha Row. He wasn't as good as Crooked but this nig could rap. This is Volume 1 out of a 3 part series. Download this while you can cause these are kinda hard to find. Sorry about the cover quality but its all an inmate been able to find.


01. Self Made Ridaz - Eastwood, Live Wire
02. Blown - Eastwood
03. Bounce - Spider Loc, Kurupt, Eastwood
04. Boss Down - Eastwood, Live Wire, Tone
05. Gigalo - Eastwood, Live Wire, Tone
06. Get Yo Walk On - Eastwood, Ray J, Lyrica, Max Lux
07. Gangsta Shit - Eastwood, Ray J, Shorty Mack, Max Lux
08. West Coast Livin' - Eastwood, J-Rock, Michelob, Live Wire
09. Over Hurr - Eastwood

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Snoop Dogg - Tha Doggfather II

Here is the unreleased sequel to Snoops' Death Row release, Tha Doggfather. It never saw a release due to Snoop leaving and joining No Limit. Part II is even gangstaerer then tha muthafuckin first. Young snoop goes in. It's really dope to see my nigga Techniec on this. This is a pretty hard to find gem so keep this shit saved on your harddrive thugs.



01. Doggfather II (Intro)
02. Hit Rocks
03. Wanted Dead Or Alive (feat. 2pac)
04. Eastside (feat. Tray Deee & Daz)
05. Too High (feat. Daz & Tha Twinz)
06. Getting Funky (feat. SWV)
07. C-Walkin
08. My Favorite Color (feat. Big Hutch)
09. Let Me Hit Something
10. Lil Crip A lot
11. Me & My Doggs (feat. Techniec)
12. Don’t Do The Crime
13. Tommy Boy (feat. Daz)
14. Too Black
15. County Blues (feat. Kevin Vernado)
16. Last Meal


01. A Dogg’s Gotta Eat (Insert)
02. Eastside Party (feat. Nate Dogg)
03. Friends (feat. Warren G & Nate Dogg)
04. Dogg Pound Gangsaville (feat. Kurupt & Nate Dogg)
05. If There's A Cure For This (feat. 2pac)
06. Players Way (feat. Rick James & Bobby Womack)
07. Head Doctor (feat. Swoop G)
08. You Bring Me Up (feat. Jodeci)
09. Off The Hook (feat. Charlie Wilson, Val Young, & James DeBarge)
10. Change Gone Come (feat. Val Young)
11. May I (feat. Malik)
12. Freaky Tales
13. The Head Doctor (Interlude)
14. Head Doctor (OG)
15. Doing Time (feat. Sublime)
16. I Will Survive (feat. Techniec)
17. A Bark Of Peace (Insert)
18. Last Man Standing

213 - St. Ides EP

Here's a promo EP that was released from St. Ides with the group 213. If you ain't know 213 is comprised of Snoop, Warren G, and Nate Dogg. This some extra special rare shit. Shout out to my boy Tha Jsta of Back 2 Da OG for posting this on his blog.


01. St. Ides In The LBC
02. When We Sippin On The Brew
03. Drank Anthem
04. Dogg Food & Drank

Various Artists - From the Vaults of Death Row

Heres another Death Row kompilation for the weak harted. You alredy fuckin know that my favorite songs be the ones with kurupt young gotti on it. Hell yeah Row Rider loves him some Kurupt gangsta ass shit raps. West side!!!! haha excuse the stupidness of this post im blazing up as i type. That kali kush gota nigga chokin and loccin.


01 Radio Intro
02 Dr. Dre — Kickin’ It (Interlude)
03 Dr. Dre Feat. Dat Nigga Daz; George Clinton; Snoop Doggy Dogg — Let Me Ride (Extended Promo Version)
04 Snoop Doggy Dogg Feat. Dat Nigga Daz — Gin and Juice (Laid Back Mix)
05 Dr. Dre Feat. Big Tittie Nickie; D.O.C.; Samara; Snoop Doggy Dogg — The $20 Sack Pyramid (Interlude)
06 Kurupt — 40′z and Bud (UNRELEASED)
07 Dr. Dre Feat. Rage and Tha Dogg Pound — Puffin’ On Blunts and Drankin’ Tanqueray
08 Tha Dogg Pound — 5 Mic’s In The Source (UNRELEASED)
09 Tha Dogg Pound and Warren G — Power 106 Freestyle
10 Dr. Dre — Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat (OG) (UNRELEASED)
11 Snoop Doggy Dogg — Head Doctor (Interlude)
12 Snoop Doggy Dogg — Head Doctor (OG) (UNRELEASED)
13 Snoop Doggy Dogg Feat. E-White — Girls, Girls, Girls (UNRELEASED)
14 Snoop Doggy Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound — Big Pimpin’ (OG) (UNRELEASED)
15 Kurupt — What Would U Do (Power 106 Freestyle)
16 Tha Dogg Pound — Who Ride Wit Us (OG) (UNRELEASED)
17 Tupac Feat. Jewell; Prince Ital Joe; Snoop Doggy Dogg — Street Life (UNRELEASED)
18 J-Flexx Feat. Dr. Dre — Street Scholars
19 Tupac Feat. SKG — Rock Ya Body (DJ Total Blend)
20 Snoop Doggy Dogg — Power 106 Freestyle
21 Snoop Doggy Dogg — Who Am I (What’s My Name) (Power 106 Freestyle)
22 The LBC Crew Feat. Dat Nigga Daz; Snoop Doggy Dogg; Soopafly — My Heat Goes Boom (OG) (UNRELEASED)
23 Dat Nigga Daz and Snoop Doggy Dogg — Gangsta Ride (UNRELEASED)
24 Marion ‘Suge’ Knight and Tupac — East-West (Interlude)
25 Tupac Feat. The Outlawz — Fuck ‘Em All (OG) (UNRELEASED)
26 Tupac Feat. Left Eye — Untouchable (OG) (UNRELEASED)
27 The Notorious B.I.G. — Real Niggaz Do Real Thingz (UNRELEASED Alternate Version)
28 Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. — Guaranteed Raw 2006 (DJ Total Blend)
29 Cheri Lee; Heather Hunter; Janet Jacme — Porn Star Outro (A Message To Suge)

2nd II None - The Shit

Here is 2nd II None's unreleased Death Row album. It leaked to the net sometime last year. They released 2 albums on DJ Quik's label Profile Records. This entire album was supposedly produced by DJ Quik and executive produced by Suge. Check dis shit out yo. These 2 dudes be reppin Blood to the fullest!


1. 01 Into (0:35)
2. 02 Getcha Clown On (4:23)
3. 03 The Dogg N' Me (4:19)
4. 04 The Message (0:23)
5. 05 I Can Tell (The Nasty Song) (4:11)
6. 06 Nuthin' Has Changed (4:04)
7. 07 Let's Get Higher (5:29)
8. 08 Kant Wait To Do This (3:49)
9. 09 Tha Shit (5:58)
10. 10 Get Ya Hot (4:29)
11. 11 Funny How Things Change (4:08)
12. 12 B Alright (4:01)
13. 13 If U Ain't Fuck'n (How U Gonna Ge (4:44)
14. 14 Didn't Mean To Turn You On (4:41)
15. 15 Funny How Things Change (Remix) (4:12)
16. 16 Theo Commerial (2:13)

Tupac - Thug Life Demo

Yo here's another Tupac Demo. This time for his Thug Life cd with the Outlawz. There's definitely some dope shit on there so don't sleep on it. Wake your fuckin bloodclot asses up lol. And like Pac said FUCK THEM FAKE ASS BITCHES!!


1. Niggaz In The Pen - 2Pac feat. Mouse Man & Mopreme
2. Thug Life - 2Pac feat. Big Syke
3. Thug Life (solo) - 2Pac
4. Time To Get My Drank On - 2Pac
5. My Definition of a Thug Nigga (Original Version) - 2Pac
6. Mr. Troublesome - 2Pac
7. Is It Cool 2 Fuck (Original Version) - 2Pac feat. Rated R & Macadoshis
8. I'm Getting Money (Original Version) - 2Pac
9. High Till I Die (Original Version) - 2Pac
10. Fake Ass Bitches (Original 2Pac Version) - 2Pac
11. Faced Shootouts (Interlude) - 2Pac
12. Pour Out A Lil Liquor (Original Version)

Tupac - Out on Bail Demo

To all my inmates wondering what this is.. this is Pac's First Rejected Demo, It Is A Combination Of Songs Meant For Thug Life 'Out On Bail' Original Release That Was Rejected 2 Times By Interscope Records. (It Contains The True Original Version Of 'Out On Bail' In Close CDQ And 'Runnin From The Police' True Original Version Is Included Here In Close CDQ As Well). This shit is a cd made from the DIRECT MASTER TAPE not no 5th generation copied tape with crap quality! Best quality out inmates! Get with it or get the fuck out my fuckin facee!


01 - Out On Bail (Original Thug Life Version)
02 - Runnin Feat Stretch, Dramacydal, Notorious Big and Bujo Banton (Original Unreleased Version)
03 - Judgement Day Feat Stretch, Mopreme and Dee The Madd ***** (Original Demo Version)
04 - High Till I Die Feat Rated R & Macodoshis (Original Demo Version)
05 - Str8 Ballin (Original Demo Version)
06 - Gettin Money (Original Demo Version)
07 - Faced Shoutouts(Original Demo Version)
08 - Old School (Original Solo Demo)
09 - Only Fear Of Death (Original Demo)
10 - Thug Life Feat Big Syke and Prince Ital Joe (Original Demo Version)
11 - Niggaz In The Pen Feat Macadoshis and Mouse Man (Original Demo Version)
12 - Cradle 2 The Grave (Original Thug Life Version)
13 - Time 2 Get My Drank On (Unreleased Interlude)
14 - Is It Cool 2 **** Feat Macadoshis (Original Version With Intro)
15 - My Definition Of A Thug Nigga (Original Demo Version)
16 - Lie To Kick It Feat Richie Rich (Original Demo Version)
17 - Holla If Ya Hear Me Feat Live Squad (Original Demo Version)
18 - Bury Me A G Feat Natasha Walker (Original Demo Version)

Tupac - Pen and Paper (Me Against the World Demo)

Yeooooo! Here is the fucking Me Against the World Demo! Here's originals of alot of the songs that appeared on that album. This some real rare shit right here y'all digg! Respect the row rider bringin my inmate niggas this rare exclusive shit!


01 : Where Will I Be (Ft Dramacydal) 04:10
02 : Dramacydal-On Top Of The World 03:57
03 : Out On Bail (Ft AB) (Alternate Version) 03:51
04 : Judgment Day (Ft Dee Tha Madd Bitch & Thug Life)03:55
05 : Dramacydal-Around The Way 04:29
06 : Str8 Ballin' (Original Version) 04:44
07 : Killing Fields (Ft Dramacydal) (Full Version) 05:01
08 : Fatal N Felony-Addicted 2 Tha Streetz 03:48
09 : Dramacydal-Introduced 2 The Game 02:52
10 : Where Will I Be (Ft Dramacydal) (Remix) 04:05
11 : Dramacydal-Hard To Imagine 04:42
12 : The Thug In Me (Ft Jewell) (Original Version) 04:06
13 : Changed Man (Ft Nate Dogg & Big Syke) (Original Version) 04:04
14 : Troublesome '96 (Original Version) 04:03
15 : Unconditional Love (Original Version) 04:59

01 : If I Die 2nite (Original Version) 03:51
02 : So Many Tears (Ft Stretch) (Original Version) 02:08
03 : Temptations (Ft G-Money) (Original Version) 04:40
04 : Lord Knows (Ft Natasha Walker) (Original Version)04:01
05 : Dear Mama (Original Version) 05:08
06 : It Ain't Easy (Acoustic Original Version) 04:56
07 : Nothing 2 Lose (Ft YN-Vee) (Original Version) 04:10
08 : My Block (True Original Version) 05:23
09 : It Ain't Easy (Original Version) 04:58
10 : Only Fear Of Death (Original Version) 04:32
11 : Open Fire (Original Version) 02:47
12 : Killing Fields (Instrumental) 05:14
13 : Where I Will Be (Instrumental) 04:09
14 : It Ain't Easy (Orginial Instrumental No Hook) 04:59
15 : It Ain't Easy (Orginial Instrumental With Hook)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Various Artists - Inside Death Row

Alright y'all here's another Death Row compilations from For The People. All of these tracks are unreleased. I'm sure some of them may have been on some other compilations I put out but theres also some exclusive tracks in here. Theres a bunch of dope snoop on here as well as tracks from my nigga Kurupt! Be sure to check this shit out.


1. Intro
2. Been Around The World (J. Flexx feat. Danny Boy)
3. No Vaseline Part II (Kurupt)
4. So Long (O.F.T.B. feat. MC Hammer)
5. Its A Shame (Petey Pablo feat. Kurupt) [Previously Unreleased]
6. Keep It Real [OG] (Snoop Doggy Dogg feat. Mack 10, Kurupt & LBC Crew)
7. We're Untouchable (Tha Realest feat. Ampichino)
8. The Perfect ***** (Tha Realest) [Previously Unavailable Untagged]
9. Gold Rush [Alt Version] (Snoop Doggy Dogg feat. Kurupt)
10. Life (N.I.N.A feat Eastwood) [Never Before Heard/Released]
11. Rat Tat Tat Tat [OG] (Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg) [Best Quality Ever Heard]
12. The Formula (Eastwood) [Previously Unavailable Without Drop Outs]
13. Under Pressure (Outlawz)
14. Don't Trip [Remix] (Petey Pablo feat. 2Pac & Ying Yang Twins)
15. A West Thang (Eastwood feat. 2Pac)
16. County Blues [OG] (Snoop Doggy Dogg) [Best Quality Ever Heard]
17. Head Doctor [Alt] (Snoop Doggy Dogg)
18. We Gone Ride (Tha Realest feat. Snooty Fox) [Previously Unreleased]