Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Michel'le - Hung Jury

Aight y'all niggaz I'm sorry I been gone for so long. I'm back. Shout out to tha muffukin homie NaziSpic for holdin it down in my absense. Dat weed waz crazy yo. Santa got me some of dat candy cane kuzh. ya fuckin heard? Anyfucks here is Michel'le's second cd. This was the only one of her cds dat got released on Death Row and even after several re-releases and shit total world wide sales were 69k lmfao. I can't really blame people for not buyin it cuz dat bitch sounded like Minnie Mouse when she spoke. Decent sanger bitch doe. Check dis out. I usually don't post albums but dis is rare seeing as it was a flop. I'm actually really surprised dis bitch stayed wif the row for so long. I guess Suge was stalkfuckin this bitch or somethin.

Download Album Hizzere

1. "Hang Tyme"- 4:54
2. "Can I Get a Witness"- 4:09
3. "Crazy"- 4:21
4. "Here 4 U"- 4:23
5. "After the Love"- 4:39
6. "Tonight Is"- 4:42
7. "Walk With Me"- 5:39
8. "Don't Say U Love Me"- 4:47
9. "Wasted My Tyme"- 3:46
10. "No Where 2 Run"- 4:31
11. "Hung Jury"- 4:39

P.S. I'm still comin with that Best of New Pac compilation but I'm taking my time making sure it's perfect before I release it.

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