Wednesday, October 20, 2010

50 Tyson possible d.r inmate?!?!

I heard he's in talks with Big Suge,big ups to ma boy 50 Tyson,I could picture dude being a d.r.r inmate,dudees music is smashin,no doubt yall need to peep out cat.Duke spits that real thug ishh man,niggah is vicious on the mike. You could really picture dude in blue and red all day,hes a balla.Foo is gonna be a millionare.Like that prophet 2Pac,50 Tyson sees and paints a peerfuct pictura.Duke is @ the top of his game,I ain't gonna lie.No joke.

Peep dude out!

Kurupt - Against The Grain

Sup thugs and thuggettes its ya boy The DoggFather,back up in this,I've been gone for awhile sorry about that,all that stuff stress a niggeh out.So I'm back to Bringin that heat pop this,what we got here is like the freggin well one of the versions of Against The Grain,this is just more of a compilation than anything else.Daz Dillinger,Everlast,Warren G,Bad Azz and a bunch of other fools are on this.Check this out!Itsa smashh.

Download Album Here

1.Load Up Intro
2.Load Up
3.Now Whut
4.I Call Shotz Pt. 2
5.Caller ID (Skit)
6.Gangsta Noize
7.On My Way
8.Mo Money 2 Fold
9.U Ain't Tha Homie
11.Gangsta Perogative
12.Bit^^ Make Me Rich (OG)
13.What We Go Through (OG)
14.I Keep Tryin'
15.Don't Go 2 Sleep (The Soul G-Mix)

Suge, Crooked I & Eastwood: Tha Row Hitters

Aight y'all niggaz here goes a rare Death Row interview from Yellow Tape Magazine. It features the big fat azz Suge as well as Crooked I and Eastwood. Enjoy dis shit cuz its gangsta and you already know that. I plan on uploading a lot more videos for y'all to watch. I been slackin I know but im bizzak!