Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Snoop Dogg - Tha Doggfather II

Here is the unreleased sequel to Snoops' Death Row release, Tha Doggfather. It never saw a release due to Snoop leaving and joining No Limit. Part II is even gangstaerer then tha muthafuckin first. Young snoop goes in. It's really dope to see my nigga Techniec on this. This is a pretty hard to find gem so keep this shit saved on your harddrive thugs.



01. Doggfather II (Intro)
02. Hit Rocks
03. Wanted Dead Or Alive (feat. 2pac)
04. Eastside (feat. Tray Deee & Daz)
05. Too High (feat. Daz & Tha Twinz)
06. Getting Funky (feat. SWV)
07. C-Walkin
08. My Favorite Color (feat. Big Hutch)
09. Let Me Hit Something
10. Lil Crip A lot
11. Me & My Doggs (feat. Techniec)
12. Don’t Do The Crime
13. Tommy Boy (feat. Daz)
14. Too Black
15. County Blues (feat. Kevin Vernado)
16. Last Meal


01. A Dogg’s Gotta Eat (Insert)
02. Eastside Party (feat. Nate Dogg)
03. Friends (feat. Warren G & Nate Dogg)
04. Dogg Pound Gangsaville (feat. Kurupt & Nate Dogg)
05. If There's A Cure For This (feat. 2pac)
06. Players Way (feat. Rick James & Bobby Womack)
07. Head Doctor (feat. Swoop G)
08. You Bring Me Up (feat. Jodeci)
09. Off The Hook (feat. Charlie Wilson, Val Young, & James DeBarge)
10. Change Gone Come (feat. Val Young)
11. May I (feat. Malik)
12. Freaky Tales
13. The Head Doctor (Interlude)
14. Head Doctor (OG)
15. Doing Time (feat. Sublime)
16. I Will Survive (feat. Techniec)
17. A Bark Of Peace (Insert)
18. Last Man Standing

213 - St. Ides EP

Here's a promo EP that was released from St. Ides with the group 213. If you ain't know 213 is comprised of Snoop, Warren G, and Nate Dogg. This some extra special rare shit. Shout out to my boy Tha Jsta of Back 2 Da OG for posting this on his blog.


01. St. Ides In The LBC
02. When We Sippin On The Brew
03. Drank Anthem
04. Dogg Food & Drank

Various Artists - From the Vaults of Death Row

Heres another Death Row kompilation for the weak harted. You alredy fuckin know that my favorite songs be the ones with kurupt young gotti on it. Hell yeah Row Rider loves him some Kurupt gangsta ass shit raps. West side!!!! haha excuse the stupidness of this post im blazing up as i type. That kali kush gota nigga chokin and loccin.


01 Radio Intro
02 Dr. Dre — Kickin’ It (Interlude)
03 Dr. Dre Feat. Dat Nigga Daz; George Clinton; Snoop Doggy Dogg — Let Me Ride (Extended Promo Version)
04 Snoop Doggy Dogg Feat. Dat Nigga Daz — Gin and Juice (Laid Back Mix)
05 Dr. Dre Feat. Big Tittie Nickie; D.O.C.; Samara; Snoop Doggy Dogg — The $20 Sack Pyramid (Interlude)
06 Kurupt — 40′z and Bud (UNRELEASED)
07 Dr. Dre Feat. Rage and Tha Dogg Pound — Puffin’ On Blunts and Drankin’ Tanqueray
08 Tha Dogg Pound — 5 Mic’s In The Source (UNRELEASED)
09 Tha Dogg Pound and Warren G — Power 106 Freestyle
10 Dr. Dre — Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat (OG) (UNRELEASED)
11 Snoop Doggy Dogg — Head Doctor (Interlude)
12 Snoop Doggy Dogg — Head Doctor (OG) (UNRELEASED)
13 Snoop Doggy Dogg Feat. E-White — Girls, Girls, Girls (UNRELEASED)
14 Snoop Doggy Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound — Big Pimpin’ (OG) (UNRELEASED)
15 Kurupt — What Would U Do (Power 106 Freestyle)
16 Tha Dogg Pound — Who Ride Wit Us (OG) (UNRELEASED)
17 Tupac Feat. Jewell; Prince Ital Joe; Snoop Doggy Dogg — Street Life (UNRELEASED)
18 J-Flexx Feat. Dr. Dre — Street Scholars
19 Tupac Feat. SKG — Rock Ya Body (DJ Total Blend)
20 Snoop Doggy Dogg — Power 106 Freestyle
21 Snoop Doggy Dogg — Who Am I (What’s My Name) (Power 106 Freestyle)
22 The LBC Crew Feat. Dat Nigga Daz; Snoop Doggy Dogg; Soopafly — My Heat Goes Boom (OG) (UNRELEASED)
23 Dat Nigga Daz and Snoop Doggy Dogg — Gangsta Ride (UNRELEASED)
24 Marion ‘Suge’ Knight and Tupac — East-West (Interlude)
25 Tupac Feat. The Outlawz — Fuck ‘Em All (OG) (UNRELEASED)
26 Tupac Feat. Left Eye — Untouchable (OG) (UNRELEASED)
27 The Notorious B.I.G. — Real Niggaz Do Real Thingz (UNRELEASED Alternate Version)
28 Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. — Guaranteed Raw 2006 (DJ Total Blend)
29 Cheri Lee; Heather Hunter; Janet Jacme — Porn Star Outro (A Message To Suge)

2nd II None - The Shit

Here is 2nd II None's unreleased Death Row album. It leaked to the net sometime last year. They released 2 albums on DJ Quik's label Profile Records. This entire album was supposedly produced by DJ Quik and executive produced by Suge. Check dis shit out yo. These 2 dudes be reppin Blood to the fullest!


1. 01 Into (0:35)
2. 02 Getcha Clown On (4:23)
3. 03 The Dogg N' Me (4:19)
4. 04 The Message (0:23)
5. 05 I Can Tell (The Nasty Song) (4:11)
6. 06 Nuthin' Has Changed (4:04)
7. 07 Let's Get Higher (5:29)
8. 08 Kant Wait To Do This (3:49)
9. 09 Tha Shit (5:58)
10. 10 Get Ya Hot (4:29)
11. 11 Funny How Things Change (4:08)
12. 12 B Alright (4:01)
13. 13 If U Ain't Fuck'n (How U Gonna Ge (4:44)
14. 14 Didn't Mean To Turn You On (4:41)
15. 15 Funny How Things Change (Remix) (4:12)
16. 16 Theo Commerial (2:13)

Tupac - Thug Life Demo

Yo here's another Tupac Demo. This time for his Thug Life cd with the Outlawz. There's definitely some dope shit on there so don't sleep on it. Wake your fuckin bloodclot asses up lol. And like Pac said FUCK THEM FAKE ASS BITCHES!!


1. Niggaz In The Pen - 2Pac feat. Mouse Man & Mopreme
2. Thug Life - 2Pac feat. Big Syke
3. Thug Life (solo) - 2Pac
4. Time To Get My Drank On - 2Pac
5. My Definition of a Thug Nigga (Original Version) - 2Pac
6. Mr. Troublesome - 2Pac
7. Is It Cool 2 Fuck (Original Version) - 2Pac feat. Rated R & Macadoshis
8. I'm Getting Money (Original Version) - 2Pac
9. High Till I Die (Original Version) - 2Pac
10. Fake Ass Bitches (Original 2Pac Version) - 2Pac
11. Faced Shootouts (Interlude) - 2Pac
12. Pour Out A Lil Liquor (Original Version)

Tupac - Out on Bail Demo

To all my inmates wondering what this is.. this is Pac's First Rejected Demo, It Is A Combination Of Songs Meant For Thug Life 'Out On Bail' Original Release That Was Rejected 2 Times By Interscope Records. (It Contains The True Original Version Of 'Out On Bail' In Close CDQ And 'Runnin From The Police' True Original Version Is Included Here In Close CDQ As Well). This shit is a cd made from the DIRECT MASTER TAPE not no 5th generation copied tape with crap quality! Best quality out inmates! Get with it or get the fuck out my fuckin facee!


01 - Out On Bail (Original Thug Life Version)
02 - Runnin Feat Stretch, Dramacydal, Notorious Big and Bujo Banton (Original Unreleased Version)
03 - Judgement Day Feat Stretch, Mopreme and Dee The Madd ***** (Original Demo Version)
04 - High Till I Die Feat Rated R & Macodoshis (Original Demo Version)
05 - Str8 Ballin (Original Demo Version)
06 - Gettin Money (Original Demo Version)
07 - Faced Shoutouts(Original Demo Version)
08 - Old School (Original Solo Demo)
09 - Only Fear Of Death (Original Demo)
10 - Thug Life Feat Big Syke and Prince Ital Joe (Original Demo Version)
11 - Niggaz In The Pen Feat Macadoshis and Mouse Man (Original Demo Version)
12 - Cradle 2 The Grave (Original Thug Life Version)
13 - Time 2 Get My Drank On (Unreleased Interlude)
14 - Is It Cool 2 **** Feat Macadoshis (Original Version With Intro)
15 - My Definition Of A Thug Nigga (Original Demo Version)
16 - Lie To Kick It Feat Richie Rich (Original Demo Version)
17 - Holla If Ya Hear Me Feat Live Squad (Original Demo Version)
18 - Bury Me A G Feat Natasha Walker (Original Demo Version)

Tupac - Pen and Paper (Me Against the World Demo)

Yeooooo! Here is the fucking Me Against the World Demo! Here's originals of alot of the songs that appeared on that album. This some real rare shit right here y'all digg! Respect the row rider bringin my inmate niggas this rare exclusive shit!


01 : Where Will I Be (Ft Dramacydal) 04:10
02 : Dramacydal-On Top Of The World 03:57
03 : Out On Bail (Ft AB) (Alternate Version) 03:51
04 : Judgment Day (Ft Dee Tha Madd Bitch & Thug Life)03:55
05 : Dramacydal-Around The Way 04:29
06 : Str8 Ballin' (Original Version) 04:44
07 : Killing Fields (Ft Dramacydal) (Full Version) 05:01
08 : Fatal N Felony-Addicted 2 Tha Streetz 03:48
09 : Dramacydal-Introduced 2 The Game 02:52
10 : Where Will I Be (Ft Dramacydal) (Remix) 04:05
11 : Dramacydal-Hard To Imagine 04:42
12 : The Thug In Me (Ft Jewell) (Original Version) 04:06
13 : Changed Man (Ft Nate Dogg & Big Syke) (Original Version) 04:04
14 : Troublesome '96 (Original Version) 04:03
15 : Unconditional Love (Original Version) 04:59

01 : If I Die 2nite (Original Version) 03:51
02 : So Many Tears (Ft Stretch) (Original Version) 02:08
03 : Temptations (Ft G-Money) (Original Version) 04:40
04 : Lord Knows (Ft Natasha Walker) (Original Version)04:01
05 : Dear Mama (Original Version) 05:08
06 : It Ain't Easy (Acoustic Original Version) 04:56
07 : Nothing 2 Lose (Ft YN-Vee) (Original Version) 04:10
08 : My Block (True Original Version) 05:23
09 : It Ain't Easy (Original Version) 04:58
10 : Only Fear Of Death (Original Version) 04:32
11 : Open Fire (Original Version) 02:47
12 : Killing Fields (Instrumental) 05:14
13 : Where I Will Be (Instrumental) 04:09
14 : It Ain't Easy (Orginial Instrumental No Hook) 04:59
15 : It Ain't Easy (Orginial Instrumental With Hook)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Various Artists - Inside Death Row

Alright y'all here's another Death Row compilations from For The People. All of these tracks are unreleased. I'm sure some of them may have been on some other compilations I put out but theres also some exclusive tracks in here. Theres a bunch of dope snoop on here as well as tracks from my nigga Kurupt! Be sure to check this shit out.


1. Intro
2. Been Around The World (J. Flexx feat. Danny Boy)
3. No Vaseline Part II (Kurupt)
4. So Long (O.F.T.B. feat. MC Hammer)
5. Its A Shame (Petey Pablo feat. Kurupt) [Previously Unreleased]
6. Keep It Real [OG] (Snoop Doggy Dogg feat. Mack 10, Kurupt & LBC Crew)
7. We're Untouchable (Tha Realest feat. Ampichino)
8. The Perfect ***** (Tha Realest) [Previously Unavailable Untagged]
9. Gold Rush [Alt Version] (Snoop Doggy Dogg feat. Kurupt)
10. Life (N.I.N.A feat Eastwood) [Never Before Heard/Released]
11. Rat Tat Tat Tat [OG] (Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg) [Best Quality Ever Heard]
12. The Formula (Eastwood) [Previously Unavailable Without Drop Outs]
13. Under Pressure (Outlawz)
14. Don't Trip [Remix] (Petey Pablo feat. 2Pac & Ying Yang Twins)
15. A West Thang (Eastwood feat. 2Pac)
16. County Blues [OG] (Snoop Doggy Dogg) [Best Quality Ever Heard]
17. Head Doctor [Alt] (Snoop Doggy Dogg)
18. We Gone Ride (Tha Realest feat. Snooty Fox) [Previously Unreleased]

Da Bastardz - Da Bastardz EP

Not much is known about Da Bastardz other than that they were a group signed to Death Row East in 1996. Their full album never saw the light of day but a promotional EP has leaked. Its a shame theres no features from other Death Row inamates on da EP By the name of the group im guessing none of they asses had a father figga. Props to TheDoggFather on the cover.


01. Phat Stixxx
02. Body Snatchin
03. Em-Pha-Fucking-Red
04. Hostile
05. Impact
06. Target Practice Niggas

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mark Morrison - Innocent Man

You may not know it but the RNB singer Mack Morrison was also at one time signed to Death Row. Y'all may remember him for his biggest US Single, "Return of the Mack" Mark Morrison is the only artist ever to sign to Death Row, not born in America. This album was originally supposed to come out on Death Row records in 2002 but never came out. It finally saw the light of day on Mack Life Records. Here is the released project in all its rnb gangstaness. Best track is definitely the track with Tray Dee and Dat Nigga Daz!


1. "Innocent Man" feat. DMX
2. "Backstabbers" feat. Daz Dillinger & Tray Deee (Co-Stars Mix)
3. "Dance 4 Me" feat. Tanya Stephens
4. "Lately" feat. Elephant Man
5. "Friday" feat. Grimm
6. "Nigga Ain't No Good"
7. "Best Friend" feat. Gabrielle & Connor Reeves
8. "Just A Man"
9. "Time To Creep" feat. Isyss
10. "Love You Bad"
11. "That's Life"
12. "Damn Damn Damn" feat. Adina Howard
13. "Wanna Be Your Man"
14. "Journeys" feat. Mica Paris & All Saints Road Community Choir
15. "Just A Man" feat. Alexander O'Neal (Bonus Track)
16. "Innocent Man" feat. Tippa Irie (Bonus Track)

Chocolate Bandit - Lyrical Warfare

After this nigga failed at professional football he signed to Death Row Records. His "What's the Deal" single was featured on Death Row's Gang Related soundtrack. That was it. It is believed that this album was recorded at the time he was on deathrow, however it didn't come out till 2001 on some other label. Anyways here's the only material you will probably ever hear from this nobody who some how got a deal. A lot of people confuse this dude with the other past Death Row artist, Chocolate. Their totally different people though.


2-Jus Touch Me
3-Mr. Chocolate
4-Lyrical Warfare
5-Mamma Say
6-I Seen Him Get Shot
7-Gotta Have It
8-Mafia Ties
9-Mission Accomplished
10-Texas Got G's Too
11-Junior Blowed

Lake & Death Row East Present: The 848 Mixtape

Yo sorry inmates ya boy was on another "high-atus." Been rollin up that cali kush strong if ya know watibesayin? Anyways I got a mixtape for y'all from Lake. This is the only material that was ever released while he had his short stint on the failed Death Row East label. Y'all may know this nigga for them tracks he did with Nas. Shit he was even on God's Son. Anyways this really aint unreleased but it aint really that known either if ya understand.


01. 848 Intro - 848 Intro
02. Mike Delorean, Ruc Da Jackal, Hardbody and Saiku 720 - Body Rock (Prod. by Now and Laterz)
03. Federal Skit - Federal Skit
04. Mike Delorean, Lake and Saiku 720 - Candy Row
05. Ruc Da Jackal, Lake, Mike Delorean, and Saiku 720 - Neverland(Prod. by Q. Butter)
06. Lake, Ruc Da Jackal and Hardbody - Put it Down (Prod. by Tony Danza)
07. Ruc Da Jackal - My Zone (Prod. by P-Money)
08. Mike Delorean - Money Over Everything (Prod. by Now and Laterz)
09. Artillery - Nuttin' Funny (Prod. by Havoc)
10. Mike Delorean, Lake, Hardbody and Ruc Da Jackal - Big Man (Prod. by Q. Butter)
11. Lake, Hardbody, Ruc Da Jackal, Mike Delorean - Play My Shit (Prod. by Tom Black)
12. Mike Delorean - Here's A Story (Prod. by Trackmasters)
13. Artillery, Hardbody, Saiku 720 - Stay Fly (Prod. by Artillery)
14. Lake - Bang Bang (Prod. by Sweets)
15. Artillery and Lake - Got Dat Raw
16. Ruc Da Jackal and Lake - Back Block (Prod. by Q. Butta)
17. Mike Delorean, Ruc Da Jackal, Hardbody, Lake and Saiku 720 - Killa
18. Lake - Conspiracy (Prod. by Now and Laterz)
19. Snitches Ain't Shit Skit - Snitches Ain't Shit Skit
20. Saiku 720 - Snitches Ain't Shit
21. Ruc Da Jackal - Big Boy
22. Lake, Mike Delorean and Artillery - How to Be A Millionaire (Prod. by Jazze Pha)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Top Dogg - Dogg Dayz

Here is the other Top Dogg album. This was released through FTP and is basically shit that didn't make his first album. Scrap tracks from a scrap ass album haha. But yo honestly I don't understand Suge's thought process. Y'all know by now how I feel about Tha Realest. Well basically the same shit goes for Top Dogg. Nigga totally rips off Snoop Doggs style. Like seriously what the fuck was suge thinking. Why would people wanna hear a bootleg Snoop when they could hear the real fuckin snoop? Why would faggots wanna hear a bootleg Pac when they could hear the hundreds of unreleased songs from him. Like fuck this dude was stupid. Once again if you want some laughs listen to track 12. Bootleg Pac and Bootleg Snoop on one track again!


1. Intro
2. Envy
3. Cant **** Wit Dogg
4. Dope Money (feat Swoop G, Prince Ital Joe)
5. Me and My Boyz
6. Still Servin' Um (Death Row Style)
7. If You Cant Take The Heat (feat Eastwood)
8. Be Thankful
9. She Used To Know Me
10. Thug Child
11. I Gets No Sleep
12. Cry 4 Me Die 4 U (feat Tha Realest, Sheeba Black)

Top Dogg - Every Dogg Has His Day

Here's Topp Dogg's first unreleased album. This dudes biggest claims to fame were a bonus track on the GridLock'd soundtrack dissing Puff and Biggie and a song called Cindafella. Anyfuck this album never came up because his contract expired and Suge musta realized no one wants to hear his ass. If you wanna have some laughs listen to track 11.


01. Goin' Back To Cali
02. Ghetto Fairytales
03. Cant Fuck With Dogg
04. Just Be Thankful
featuring The Koss Band
05. Trippin'
06. Me & My Boyz
07. Top Dogg Cindafella
08. She Used To Know Me
09. We Don't Love 'Em (Street Mix)
featuring PB
10. If U Cant Stand The Heat
featuring Eastwood
11. They Wanna Be Like Us (Street Mix)
featuring Tha Realest & Doobie

Tha Realest - Death Row Dayz Vol. 2

Fuck it heres volume duece of Tha Realests shit. This shit ain't really real tho if ya dig what im saying. Fuck this impersonating pac ass nigga. Anyways I'm sure some of y'all like him and it is unreleased Death Row so a nigga might as well post it. Enjoy it if you can.


1. THA REALEST - Out On Bail (5:14)
2. THA REALEST - Poppa Wuz A Proud Man (4:24)
3. THA REALEST - Special Kind of Mother (4:05)
4. THA REALEST - Muder Murder 187 (4:57)
5. THA REALEST - Bury Me A Mob Nigga (4:38)
6. THA REALEST - Thug Through It All (4:54)
7. THA REALEST - Monsters (3:52)
8. THA REALEST - The Perfect Nigga (4:08)
9. THA REALEST - Die 4 Theirs (3:18)
10. THA REALEST - It's On (3:26)
11. THA REALEST - Bullet Proof Soul (4:53)
12. THA REALEST - Cute & Sexy (2:20)
13. THA REALEST - Pictures In The Cemetary (5:16)
14. THA REALEST - Why They Wanna Murder Me ? (6:54)
15. THA REALEST - Everything Is Everything (5:51)
16. THA REALEST - I CAme 4 U (4:05)

Snoop Dogg - Over the Counter

Okay ya'll heres the story wit dis shit. Snoop was on a label called Cold 187. They never put his shit out. He eventually got some of his songs to Dre and the doc was feelin him (pawse). At the time they really didn't have a label to put shit out on but they got a breif deal through time warner to put this shit through. Problem was Time Warner didn't have their distribution shit so it was fuckin shelved. Promo tapes and shit was passed around tho. So heres 6 songs from one of the promo tapes. And yes track 1 is a early version of the song we know and love, "Deep Cover".


01 - Snoop Dogg - 187 (It's On)
02 - Snoop Dogg - County Blues
03 - Snoop Dogg - Do You Remember
04 - Snoop Dogg - Let'Em Understand
05 - Snoop Dogg - The Message
06 - Snoop Dogg - True To The Game

Danny Boy - The Hits

The only death row material niggaz like me have from Danny Boy are bootleg compilations of his hits and songs he was featured on. Here is another bitchtastic-bootleg with more of his hits. Theres definitely some dope shit on here. That Dysfunktional Family Theme goes hardass as well as the slip n slide remix with The Dogg pound on it. Definitely check this album out. Danny Boy was one of the greatest RNB artists of his time. Its a shame suges fatass never got around to putting this dude out. Fuck that shit! Ya know what im saying?


01. Danny Boy - featuring Natris G - Run Away
02. Danny Boy - Dysfunktional Family (Theme)
03. Danny Boy - Let Me Touch You
04. Danny Boy - Who Wants to Fuck Tonight
05. Danny Boy - Get Away
06. Danny Boy - Haven't Seen You In Awhile
07. Danny Boy - Beautiful Lady
08. Danny Boy - Come When I Call
09. Danny Boy - feat. Tha Realest & Jewell - Stand Strong
10. Danny Boy - it's over now lp version
11. Danny Boy - Tha Dogg Pound - slip n slide(remix)
12. Danny Boy - featuring Bobby Blak - Believe In Me
13. Danny Boy - Too Street 4 T.V
14. Danny Boy - come when I call(dj quik remix)
15. Danny Boy - i Can't Go On
16. Danny Boy - I Thought U Knew
17. Danny Boy - slip n slide (og)
18. Danny Boy - In God We Trust
19. Danny Boy - Featuring Platinum - Rushin'
20. Danny Boy - I Can't Get Enough
21. Danny Boy - Forever Be Mine
22. Danny Boy - Stand Strong

Spider Loc - Brainless the Prequel

Ok ok, Spider Loc was never officially signed with Death Row, but he fuxed with them heavily at one point in time. This is why there are so many features on this tape with members from Tha Row. I gotta be honest this EP aint that bad at all. His new shit is wack as fuck though. I think duke has just lost his hunger. Anyways appreciate one of the only dope projects Loc ever dropped.


1. What If?
2. Woozi (ft The Game)
3. Bounce (ft Kurupt & Eastwood)
4. Out There
5. Kicc Kacc & Be Bool
6. Slap Dat Azz (ft Kurupt)
7. Bangin' At The Party
8. Dance Like Dat
9. Dysfunktional (Studio Mix)
10. Nina
11. Ball 'Till We Fall (ft C-Bo)
12. Let's Ride
13. The Head Honcho
14. Testify (May I)
15. I Puts It Down

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chocolate - Liife N A Day

First off disregard this unreleased row album as being by Chocolate Bandit. It's actually by a totally different rapper signed to the row previously who went by the name of Chocolate. This fool signed back in '93. His album actually came out but isn't very well known because it didn't come out on Death Row. It came out on another label but Suge handled some of the project and let duke use his studio. The only major feature on this album that's well know is the homie snoop. Oh and a side note for you inmates, this was the dude that claimed to ghostwrite for Vanilla Ice. So if you were a fan of that wack fuck your bitchass might like this dude.


1. Sleeping Beauty
2. Life-n-a-Day
3. Rizin Son
4. Ghetto Holocaust
5. Good Til The Last Drop
6. Ghetto Court : The Verdict
7. Niggaz Iz Lyke Dat feat. Tre' Deuce, Snoop Dogg & CPO
8. Home Sweet Home
9. Supressed Environment
10. Here We Go Again (Round & Round)
11. 5 Ta Ten
12. The Gaffle

Tha Realest - Death Row Dayz Vol. 1

Here is the first FTP release from the bitchass Pac impersonator, Tha Realest. Only really dope song he had in my opinion was that diss to Dr. Dre with Twista. That shit was gangsta. Many people thought it was Pac too lol. Good move Suge...sike! Anywayz d-o-double-g's here you go. For those who want it here it be.


1. THA REALEST - Big Game Hunter Intro (4:45)
2. THA REALEST - High Powered (1:38)
3. THA REALEST - You Can Count On Me (5:12)
4. THA REALEST - Syde To Syde (4:47)
5. THA REALEST - Drunk Drivin In My Glasshouse (4:21)
6. THA REALEST - I Wonder Does God Care (4:17)
7. THA REALEST - Summer Time Fling (OG) (4:06)
8. THA REALEST - Ghetto Prisonerz (4:47)
9. THA REALEST - Can't Fuck Wit Us (4:08)
10. THA REALEST - 4 Money I Will (4:12)
11. THA REALEST - Incase I Don't Wake Up (4:52)
12. THA REALEST - I Know I'll Die Soon (5:03)
13. THA REALEST - 99 Bonnie & Clyde (4:12)
14. THA REALEST - Hustlin' (4:09)
15. THA REALEST - Can't Mobb Deep (4:52)
16. THA REALEST - Kiss All Night (When You Glisten) (4:31)
17. THA REALEST - Just My Type (4:40)
18. THA REALEST - You Played Your Self (3:49)
19. THA REALEST - M.O.B. (4:17)
20. THA REALEST - Get Bless Your Thugged Out Soul (6:16)
21. THA REALEST - It's Better This Way (3:58)
22. THA REALEST - Ride For Me (5:12)
23. THA REALEST - Waiting For Jesus 2 Come (Part.2) (4:20)
24. THA REALEST - We're Untouchable (4:02)
25. THA REALEST - Would U B My Girlfriend (4:07)
26. THA REALEST - All Night Long (3:35)
27. THA REALEST - We Won't Die (5:07)
28. THA REALEST - Way 2 Real (3:21)

Too Gangsta For Radio Vol. 2

Here's another new Death Row Compilation brought to you by the bitchass folks who gave you 2PacEvolution. There's some really dope tracks on here. That Eastwood and Kurupt track is banging. They made a pretty good track order and shit so props to them on that. And you already know how I feel about that Pac, Crook, and East track. Damn that shit is gangsta! Bottom line as the title says, all this shit is too damn gangsta for radio.



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Snoop Dogg - Dayz On Death Row

Yo Here's a new bootleg of a bunch of unreleased Snoop Doggy Dogg material from Death Row. All I gotta say whoever made the cover I see ya. That shit is gangsta to the core doggy. You are definitely an honorary inmate over here! Yo hit me up and I'll add you to the blog as a poster if you want ahhaha. Anyways theres some thugged out dogg chit on here so don't sleep.


01. Intro
02. G'z Up Hoez Down (feat. Robert 'Hug' Huggins)
03. No More Games (feat. Nate Dogg & Prince Ital Joe)
04. We Just Wanna Party Wi't U (feat. Jermaine Dupri)
05. Gangsta **** (feat. Kurupt)
06. The Fatha Figga (feat. JT The Bigga Figga & Big Daddy Charles)
07. Work It Out (feat. Shaquille O'Neil & Mista Grimm)
08. Freaky Tales
09. Lil' Crip-A-Lot
10. U Bring Me Up (feat. KCi & Jojo)
11. Niggaz Iz Lyke Dat (feat. Chocolate, CPO & Tre' Deuce)
12. Player's Way (feat. Rick James)
13. Once Again
14. Let Them Understand Perfection 9feat. Foesum)
15. Gettin' Funky (feat. SWV)
16. Let Me Hit Somethin'
17. Doin' Time [Snoop Time Remix] (feat. Sublime)
18. Street Life [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Prince Ital Joe & 2Pac)

LBC Crew - Our City

Whats up my negroniggaz? I'm back with another exclusive. Here's another album of unreleased material from our favorite failed Snoop crew, LBC Crew. The doggfather is all over this shit! Classic deathrow style! Fuck yeah! Here we go! Shout out to the whole Long Beach City Crew! I see y'all! haha.


01 Beware Of My Crew (Remix)
02 Dippin' In My Lo-Lo (with Snoop Doggy Dogg)
03 Get Fucked Up
04 I Will Smoke 2 Dat (with Snoop Doggy Dogg)
05 My Heat Goes Boom (Remix) (with Snoop Doggy Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound)
06 Party People (with Mack 10)
07 LBC Crew (with Warren G)
08 Floss'n (19th Street Compilation Version) (with Baby Girl)
09 Usual Suspects (with Snoop Doggy Dogg and Threat)
10 Lil' Crip-A-Lot (with Snoop Doggy Dogg)