Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Michel'le - Hung Jury

Aight y'all niggaz I'm sorry I been gone for so long. I'm back. Shout out to tha muffukin homie NaziSpic for holdin it down in my absense. Dat weed waz crazy yo. Santa got me some of dat candy cane kuzh. ya fuckin heard? Anyfucks here is Michel'le's second cd. This was the only one of her cds dat got released on Death Row and even after several re-releases and shit total world wide sales were 69k lmfao. I can't really blame people for not buyin it cuz dat bitch sounded like Minnie Mouse when she spoke. Decent sanger bitch doe. Check dis out. I usually don't post albums but dis is rare seeing as it was a flop. I'm actually really surprised dis bitch stayed wif the row for so long. I guess Suge was stalkfuckin this bitch or somethin.

Download Album Hizzere

1. "Hang Tyme"- 4:54
2. "Can I Get a Witness"- 4:09
3. "Crazy"- 4:21
4. "Here 4 U"- 4:23
5. "After the Love"- 4:39
6. "Tonight Is"- 4:42
7. "Walk With Me"- 5:39
8. "Don't Say U Love Me"- 4:47
9. "Wasted My Tyme"- 3:46
10. "No Where 2 Run"- 4:31
11. "Hung Jury"- 4:39

P.S. I'm still comin with that Best of New Pac compilation but I'm taking my time making sure it's perfect before I release it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

D.J.AGE Presents-Death Row Records:Unreleased And Unleashed

Yo Heres An Exclusive Mixtape From DJ Age Wit Sum Unreleased an Rare Gems From Tha Death Row Camp So U Know Wut 2 Do : Download This An Play At A High Volume Where Eva U R!!!ENJOI-spicaveli

Download Mixtape Here

01. DJ-AGE- Suge Knight Intro
02. MAKAVELI & DAZ- Dont Go 2 Sleep
03. HAMMER, 2PAC & BIG DA- Too Late Playa
04. OFTB Ft. 2PAC & BIG SYKE- Better Dayz
05. 2ND II NONE Ft. DJ QUIK- Nuthin Has Changed
06. J-FLEXX- Stayin Alive
08. THA REALEST- Hustlin
09. PETEY PABLO & 2PAC- So Crazy
10. TOP DOGG Ft. EASTWOOD- If You Cant Take The Heat
11. HAMMER- The Beat
12. J-FLEXX- The Breaks
15. SNOOP DOGG, KURUPT & DAZ- Freestyle (Bitchez Aint Shit)
16. 2ND II NONE- The Dogg N Me
18. OFTB Ft. OUTLAWZ & KURUPT- Still A Mystery (Pac Tribute 96)
19. J-FLEXX Ft. DANNY BOY- Around The World
21. DAZ- Deez Nutz LIVE
22. PETEY PABLO- Me & My Bottle
26. OFTB Ft. KURUPT & SNOOP DOGG- That Was Then, This Is Now
27. TOP DOGG- Goin Back To Cali
29. CROOKED I- Come With Me (Death Row Story)
30. SUGE KNIGHT- Ride Wit Us Outro

Sam Sneed-Yes Indeed,Sam Sneed

YEAH U KNOW WUT THIS IS!!!! Death Row Tapes Is Bac Wit Anotha Bizzomb 4 Dat Izzazz!!! This Time Around We Got Another Project From None Other Than Tha "THINK YA BETTA RECOGNIZE" Man-Sam Sneed!! Dude Is Definitely Slept On As An Artist An Producer-check tha cut wit Nas An Nature an of Course BlueBerry 4 tha funk!!!
So Sit Bac An Blaze A Phat Azz 1 to this Cause We Only Gettn Started!-spicaveli

Download Mixtape Here

1.U Betta Recognize-w/DR DRE
2.Lady Heroine-w/J-Flex
3.BlueBerry-w/Snoop Doggy Dogg
4.In Da Zone-w/J-Flex/Drauma
5.The Golden Child-w/Tigha/Jasz
6.Thug Gonna Do-w/P-Scam/Jasz
7.Put It Down-Josey Whales
8.What Come Around
9.U Betta Recognize-(Extended G-Funk Remix) w/Dr.Dre
10.Street Dreams-w/Nas/Nature/Drauma
11.Guilty As Sin-w/Sharief/Drauma/Kurupt
12.Let The Madness Begin-w/R.C./Dramua/Jhery

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crooked I - Real Thugs

I'm back wusup yall Whats Crackin'? lol I know its been awhile but Ima be back to posting material soon heres a gem for yall this was off of that new death row boxset. Crooked I Real Thugs uses the same beat as the next episode(93' version).

Download Track Here

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tupac - The Sessions (2CD)

Yo I know it seemed like I waz gone for a fukin eternity and i wanted to post some shit all week but i couldn't really find anythang to post ya digg. It looks like i may be running out of shit to post but ill keep searchin for stuff to post for you folkz. Anyfuck here is a dope Tupac bootleg. It features Sessions as they were originally recorded. Some were takin from videos and others were taken from rare leaks. This is really dope shit. A lot of tha songz on here are original versions of the songs on the recent Pac releases. Here's a dope review of this shit. The 2nd track on dis joint is probably my favorite cuz Yaki Kadafi was my favorite member of tha outlawz. Speaking of those new and mostly horrible Pac shits, I'll be making a cd of all the best songs from those. I mean even though a lot of the songs were lame, there were atleast a 3 good songs on each album.

Download CD here.

1.The Bitches Session I (1:35)
2.The Medicate Freestyle Session (Yaki Kadafi & Storm) (20:06)
3.N E W Jerz (0:07)
4.The Brothaz At Armz Session I (8:55)
5.The Brothaz At Armz Session II (1:11)
6.The Letz Fight Session (9:57)
7.The Military Minds Session I (5:53)
8.The Coast II Coast Session (2:13)
9.That's Sick (Interlude) (0:09)
10.The Bitches Session II (3:41)
11.Too Much Hennessey (Outro) (0:48)
12.When Thugz Cry (Alternate Original Version) (5:17)
13.The Military Minds Session II (2:38)
14.Kadafi & Kastro Freestyle (1:02)
15.The Lastonesleft Session (2:19)
16.Back To Thugz Mansion (Interlude) (4:37)
17.The East Coast War (2Pac & Outlawz Interview Session) (14:02)
18.Basket Case ('96 Sho Shot) (Instrumental) (0:21)
19.Basket Case ('96 Shot Shot) With Greg Nice (0:47)
20.2Pac's Studio Philosophy (Interlude) (3:11)
21.The Troublesome 96 Session (3:14)
22.Reincarnation (2:35)
23.Secrets Of War Shit (Outro) (0:11)
24.M.O.B. (Original Version) With The Outlaw Immortalz (4:45)
25.Just Like Daddy (Dramacydal Version) (4:14)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DJ Total Presents: Death Row Untouchable Radio

Here's a compilation DJ Total put together with a bunch of unreleased tracks as well as alternate versions of songs. Theres a couple gems on here especially the Power 106 freestyles and Kurupt's "What Would You Do" Freestyle. Shoutouts to ViLN for requesting this shit cause I forgot I had it. I'm out dis hoe for now but I may be back later dis week ta bring ya anotha cd. Oh yeaz i heard some of you bitches talkin shit bout dat snoop i posted. Read the info before you complaine mang.

Download Mixtape Here

01 - Various Artists - Radio Intro
02 - Various Artists - Kickin It Interlude
03 - Various Artists - Gin Juice Laid Back Mix
04 - Various Artists - The 20 Sack Pyramid Interlude
05 - Various Artists - 40Z Bud (Unreleased)
06 - Various Artists - Mics In The Source (Unreleased)
07 - Various Artists - Rat Tat Tat Tat Tat (Unreleased Remix)
08 - Various Artists - Head Doctor Interlude
09 - Various Artists - Head Doctor (Unreleased OG Version)
10 - Various Artists - Girls Girls Girls (Unreleased)
11 - Various Artists - Big Pimpin (Unreleased OG Version)
12 - Various Artists - What Would You Do (Live On Power 106)
13 - Various Artists - Who Ride Wit Us (Unreleased Remix 1)
14 - Various Artists - Who Ride Wit Us (Unreleased Remix 2)
15 - Various Artists - Street Scholars (Unreleased)
16 - Various Artists - Rock Ya Body (Dj Total Blend)
17 - Various Artists - Freestyle Live On Power 106
18 - Various Artists - Who Am I Whats My Name Freestyle
19 - Various Artists - My Heat Goes Boom (Unreleased OG Version)
20 - Various Artists - Gangsta Ride (Unreleased)
21 - Various Artists - East West Interlude
22 - Various Artists - Fuck Em All (Unreleased Original Version)
23 - Various Artists - Untouchable (Unreleased OG Non Lp Version)
24 - Various Artists - Guaranteed Raw 2006 (Dj Total Blend)
25 - Various Artists - Porn Star Outro Message To Suge