Monday, February 22, 2010

Keita Rock - Let'z Get It Crackin

Aight y'all dis be what i know bout Keita Rock. Keita was working for Death Row as one of the label heads for a minute especially when Suge was in the slammer. He was influential in pickin the tracks from Too Gangsta For Radio and even made an appearance. His verse on da album was actually written for Swoop G but Swoop wasn't about to let no one write for his azz so he told Keita to just hop on da damn song. Anyfuck like a few others (GP and Swoop G) he never got to put out an album on Death Row so he just went to another label to put out his damn album. Here is dat album. Oh chea shout out to da inmate hoo hooked me up wit dis. I forget who it was but thanks.

Download Album Here

01-In Da Hood We Trust Ft Gonzoe & De Ja Vu
02-I'm On One... Ft Bruce Wane
03-Be My Lady Ft Tha Young Hoggs
04-Can't fuck Wit This Ft Tha Low-Lifes
05-I Know Ft Suga Free & Jaz'mina
06-Represent'n Ft De Ja Vu
07-Str8 From The Streetz Ft Bruce Wane
08-Fast Life Ft Dresta Da Gangsta
09-Let'z Get It Crack'n Ft Malikaih
10-That'z Big Ft Mista Cavi
11-Hitcha Upside Yo Head Ft Young Hoggs
12-Where Da Hoodstas At Ft Gonzone
13-Ouch... Ft C.J. Mac
14-LA Crime Bosses Ft Mista Cavi & Me-Me

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dr. Dre - The Chronic II Poppa's Got A Brand New Funk (EP)

Aight y'all whats goin on. I been mad busy hustling getting doe and fuckin broads and of courze cheffin on dat haze. Anyfuck I'm back for a bit and I got this EP some fan made of some of the stuff that woulda mighta been on The Chronic II if it ever woulda happened. Now before i get a lot of hate remember i said "mighta." That unreleased untitled Instrumental on here go hard. I could hear Kurupt spazzin out over dat shit. Oh and for tha people who already found this shit elsewhere, my upload is all in MP3's. It's not mixed with bullshit wmas and mp4z. As I do most of the time when I aint blunted up, this shit is fully tagged and mp3 fuckin ready.

Download EP Here

01. Smokin Weed For Hours (feat. D.O.C.)
02. California Love OG (feat. 2pac)
03. Keep Their Heads Ringin (feat. Jewell)
04. My Life (Smokin Weed For Hours remix)(feat. D.O.C.)
05. Smokin Weed For Hours (instrumental)
06. California Love (instrumenatl)
07. Keep Their Heads Ringin (instrumental)
08. Untitled Instrumental
09. Dr. Dre And Mr. Ski (Unreleased)