Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sam Sneed album,coming soon?

Sup Thugs and Thuggettes. Supposedly,Sam Sneed's album is about to drop on the 25th of January,after numerous delays.Take this news with a grain of salt.Don't expect to see Dr. Dre's cuts on there.Let's hope WIDEawake Ent./Death Row could pull together,at least for this album.Apparently half of this album is going to be of old material,while the other is brand new.Either way,stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

50 Tyson possible d.r inmate?!?!

I heard he's in talks with Big Suge,big ups to ma boy 50 Tyson,I could picture dude being a d.r.r inmate,dudees music is smashin,no doubt yall need to peep out cat.Duke spits that real thug ishh man,niggah is vicious on the mike. You could really picture dude in blue and red all day,hes a balla.Foo is gonna be a millionare.Like that prophet 2Pac,50 Tyson sees and paints a peerfuct pictura.Duke is @ the top of his game,I ain't gonna lie.No joke.

Peep dude out!

Kurupt - Against The Grain

Sup thugs and thuggettes its ya boy The DoggFather,back up in this,I've been gone for awhile sorry about that,all that stuff stress a niggeh out.So I'm back to Bringin that heat pop this,what we got here is like the freggin well one of the versions of Against The Grain,this is just more of a compilation than anything else.Daz Dillinger,Everlast,Warren G,Bad Azz and a bunch of other fools are on this.Check this out!Itsa smashh.

Download Album Here

1.Load Up Intro
2.Load Up
3.Now Whut
4.I Call Shotz Pt. 2
5.Caller ID (Skit)
6.Gangsta Noize
7.On My Way
8.Mo Money 2 Fold
9.U Ain't Tha Homie
11.Gangsta Perogative
12.Bit^^ Make Me Rich (OG)
13.What We Go Through (OG)
14.I Keep Tryin'
15.Don't Go 2 Sleep (The Soul G-Mix)

Suge, Crooked I & Eastwood: Tha Row Hitters

Aight y'all niggaz here goes a rare Death Row interview from Yellow Tape Magazine. It features the big fat azz Suge as well as Crooked I and Eastwood. Enjoy dis shit cuz its gangsta and you already know that. I plan on uploading a lot more videos for y'all to watch. I been slackin I know but im bizzak!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Makaveli - The 3 Day Theory (OG)

The head of DeathRowTapes is fucking back bringing you more dope shit. I got a couple thangs to get off my chest first tho. Y'all ever try that OG Cali Kush? That shit will have a nigga straight up high for hours. I aint used to tha shit ya digg. Anyfuck here's that Makaveli shit that I shoulda already posted. If you remember there was a lot of controverzy around this shit leaking. QD3 played it late last year on ustream and niggaz tryed to do a shitty ustream rip of it. Well eventually some better quality versions leaked and my nigga DGC remastered it. It was called the Three Day Theory cause it was recorded in 3 days. After the mixing and shit it ended up being 7 days so they changed it. Plus it definitely fit with all the clues pac was givin and shit. I converted his WMA files to MPthrees so ya'll rich niggaz can put it on ya ipods. I aint updating my damn spipod anytime soon tha even tho i been gettin money. I gotta keep it ghetto for life.

Download Album Here

01.Intro/Bomb First (My Second Reply)
02.Hail Mary
03.Me And My Girlfriend
04.Lost Souls
05.To Live & Die in L.A.
06.Against All Odds
07.Life Of An Outlaw

Monday, March 15, 2010

CPO - To Hell & Black

Here is CPO's only retail release. I typically dont fuckin post this retail shit cauze they be tryin to take them blogs down like crazy these days but this shit is rare and not too many peeople have it plus its most definitely out of fuckin print. Here you row ridaz go. This aint a death row release nor was he fuckin with them at the time but he eventually would. This was that foundation he had alreadily eztablized.

Download Album Here

1.Ballad of a Menace
2.C.P. Osis
3.Ren's Rhythm
4.Flow to the Rhythm
5.The Wall
7.Somethin' Like Dis
8.The Movement
9.This Beat Is Funky
10.Gangsta Melody

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lady Of Rage - Afro Puffs 1994 CDM

Download Single Here


01. Afro Puffs (Radio Version)
02. Afro Puffs (Extended Remix)
03. Afro Puffs (G-Funk Remix)
04. Afro Puffs (LP Version)
05. Afro Puffs (Instrumental)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Keita Rock - Let'z Get It Crackin

Aight y'all dis be what i know bout Keita Rock. Keita was working for Death Row as one of the label heads for a minute especially when Suge was in the slammer. He was influential in pickin the tracks from Too Gangsta For Radio and even made an appearance. His verse on da album was actually written for Swoop G but Swoop wasn't about to let no one write for his azz so he told Keita to just hop on da damn song. Anyfuck like a few others (GP and Swoop G) he never got to put out an album on Death Row so he just went to another label to put out his damn album. Here is dat album. Oh chea shout out to da inmate hoo hooked me up wit dis. I forget who it was but thanks.

Download Album Here

01-In Da Hood We Trust Ft Gonzoe & De Ja Vu
02-I'm On One... Ft Bruce Wane
03-Be My Lady Ft Tha Young Hoggs
04-Can't fuck Wit This Ft Tha Low-Lifes
05-I Know Ft Suga Free & Jaz'mina
06-Represent'n Ft De Ja Vu
07-Str8 From The Streetz Ft Bruce Wane
08-Fast Life Ft Dresta Da Gangsta
09-Let'z Get It Crack'n Ft Malikaih
10-That'z Big Ft Mista Cavi
11-Hitcha Upside Yo Head Ft Young Hoggs
12-Where Da Hoodstas At Ft Gonzone
13-Ouch... Ft C.J. Mac
14-LA Crime Bosses Ft Mista Cavi & Me-Me

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dr. Dre - The Chronic II Poppa's Got A Brand New Funk (EP)

Aight y'all whats goin on. I been mad busy hustling getting doe and fuckin broads and of courze cheffin on dat haze. Anyfuck I'm back for a bit and I got this EP some fan made of some of the stuff that woulda mighta been on The Chronic II if it ever woulda happened. Now before i get a lot of hate remember i said "mighta." That unreleased untitled Instrumental on here go hard. I could hear Kurupt spazzin out over dat shit. Oh and for tha people who already found this shit elsewhere, my upload is all in MP3's. It's not mixed with bullshit wmas and mp4z. As I do most of the time when I aint blunted up, this shit is fully tagged and mp3 fuckin ready.

Download EP Here

01. Smokin Weed For Hours (feat. D.O.C.)
02. California Love OG (feat. 2pac)
03. Keep Their Heads Ringin (feat. Jewell)
04. My Life (Smokin Weed For Hours remix)(feat. D.O.C.)
05. Smokin Weed For Hours (instrumental)
06. California Love (instrumenatl)
07. Keep Their Heads Ringin (instrumental)
08. Untitled Instrumental
09. Dr. Dre And Mr. Ski (Unreleased)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Back With Anotha Exclusive 4 All Tha Gz Outthere!!!Shouts 2 RowRider 4 Havn A Place 2Put It Down Wit That West Coast Sound!!!This Tyme We Got A Project Of Tha Realest Featurin Artists From Tha Death Row Dayz Defnly Worth Checkin Out More Realest Comin Soon!!!-spicaveli

Download Album Here

01-Tha Realest feat.Wacsta,Spice 1 & Gramm Kracker - Shotcallaz
02-Tha Realest feat. C-Bo, Killa Tay - Live A Full Life
03-Tha Realest feat. Lunch - Love Me For Me
04-Tha Realest - We Have Sinned
05-Tha Realest feat. Mac-Shawn & Daz Dillinger - Its Going Down
06-Tha Realest feat. Swoop G & Lil C-Style - Easy To Be A Soldier
07-Tha Realest feat. Top Dogg & Doobie - They Wanna Be Like Us
08-Tha Realest feat.Lil Flip - Breaded Out
09-Tha Realest This Is How We Ride
10-Tha Realest feat. The Prodigal Son - When U Glisen
11-Tha Realest feat. Cornerstore - its alriht its okay
12-Tha Realest feat. C-Bo, Trae &Yukmouth - Getcha Mind Right
13-Tha Realest feat. Jayo Felony, &Spice 1 - Less Then Nothin
14-Tha Realest feat. Lil Wayne & Devin The Dude - Girl Gone Bad

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warren G Speaks on Death Row

Da Homie Warren G, forever a Death Row homie by affiliation with Dre in my fuckin pinion. speaks on why he never signed to Death Row and his brother Dr. Dre. Real trill shit ryght herre mangs.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lake - Lake's Home: Death Row Is Back!!!

Aight y'all sorry i been gone for so damn long. I been grinding the net for some shyt. Anywayz heres this rare Lakey the Kid mixtape that Kay Slay and Lake put out when Lake got signed to Death Row East. I can't even find no info on it. Lake a street cat tho He previously was in jail from '92 to '99 for attempted murder. That "Comin Thru The Hood" song with Jadakiss sounds like some ill shit. And mane you aready know dat Death Row is Back song go hard. Shoutout to DeadEnd for the password to the file. I found dis shit on filestube and had no clue what the password was. Anyfuck this is a reup so u dont got to worry bout no password shit.

Download Link Here

1. Bank Roll (Snippet)
2. 30/30 feat. Uniqua Star
3. The Hate U Love feat. Artillary
4. Real Recognize Real feat. Army J
5. Walk Through Heaven
6. Coming Through The Hood feat. Jadakiss (Snippet)
7. Lil' Niggaz feat. Chunk from Uno Dos
8. Death Row Is Back
9. Deep Cover 2006
10. New York Made feat. Ach (Snippet)
11. Black Gotti (Pt. 2)
12. Dirty New York feat. Cormega, Fat Joe
13. Swaggin' (Snippet)
14. Somebody Got Shot
15. It's A Gangsta Thang
16. One Never Knows feat. Nas
17. Official Queens Nigga
18. No Homo
19. Anniversary feat. Steve O
20. Death Row Anthem feat. Army J
21. Outro

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Live @ Club 662 (AUDIO RECORDINGS)

Yo Back Wit Some Heat 4 Tha 2010!!! This Tyme We Got Tha Classic Show That Pac An Tha Row Thru Up In Suges Club 662 4 Those Who Seen Tha Video Know Wat Time It Is Heres Tha Show In Audio I Had Got A Few Years Ago From My Homie Dago So Wherever Hes At Much Props 2 Duke!! So Sit Back An Roll Up Cause Its Tyme We Get Bizzy In This Muthafukka!!!!-spicaveli

01. 2Pac - Ambitionz Az A Ridah
02. 2Pac - When We Ride
03. 2Pac - So Many Tears
04. 2Pac - All About You
05. 2Pac - California Love
06. Tha Dogg Pound - Who Got Some Gangsta Shit
07. Tha Dogg Pound - For All My Niggaz & Bitchez
08. Tha Dogg Pound - New York
09. Tha Dogg Pound - Cyco-lic-no
10. Tha Dogg Pound - Ain't No Fun
11. Tha Dogg Pound - One By One
12. Tha Dogg Pound - Respect
13. Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Pound Gangstaz
14. Tha Dogg Pound - Big Pimpin'
15. Tha Dogg Pound - What Would You Do
16. 2Pac - Ambitionz Az A Ridah [Reprise]
17. 2Pac - California Love [Reprise]
18. Kurupt - Freestyle