Thursday, July 30, 2009

2PAC Evolution: The Definitive Collection (12 Disc Set) [Fully Tagged]

Ok here we go y'all. Here is a 12 Disc (Yes I said TWELVE!)set of UNRELEASED Pac! It was originaly sold through for the hefty price of $299.99. Ridiculous huh? Well it shipped last year, but one of those buyers just decided to leak it. Shout out to the muthafuckin gangsta ass fool who did! I've been bumping this shit all week ya digg? Shit is so dope. a thug like me can't even describe it. Its great to hear 2Pac songs as they were meant to be heard, instead of the BITCHASS MUTHAFUCKIN remix shit that those bitchass money wanting ass Label heads have been releasing. Oh yeah and I fully tagged all the tracks so they'll work in your stolen i-Pods or bootleg mp3 players you bought from the swap meets. Shit I be bumping this shit im my SpiPod! Oh yeah shout out to dat nigga neo at Wordap for hooking me up with the covers and a Mass RS uploader!



Disc 1 - Catalog DAT I

01 Where Ever U R
02 When We Ride On Our Enemies
03 Never Be Peace
04 Never Had A Friend Like Me
05 ****in Wit’ The Wrong *****
06 Catchin’ Feelings
07 My Closest Road Dogs
08 You Don’t Have To Worry
09 Fright Night
10 Good Life
11 Late Night (Version II)
12 Street Fame II
13 Pac’s Life
14 Thug N U, Thug In Me (Death Row Remix)
15 The Struggle Continuez

Disc 2 - Catalog DAT II

01 Words 2 My Firstborn (DJ Quik Remix)
02 Troublesome '96
03 Made *****s
04 Who Do You Believe In (Version II)
05 My Little Homies
06 Let Em Have It
07 Fair Xchange
08 Military Mind Version I)
09 World Wide Dime Piece (Version I)
10 Until End of Time
11 When Thugz Cry
12 Letter 2 My Unborn
13 Whatz Ya Phone Number
14 Whatz Ya Phone Number (Instrumental)
15 Better Dayz (OFTB Remix)
16 World Wide Stampede (OFTB Remix)

Disc 3 - Catalog DAT III

01 Still I Rise
02 Secretz of War (Version II)
03 When We Ride
04 Hell 4 A Hustler
05 All Out
06 Whatz Next
07 Fade Me (Version I)
08 Tear Drops And Closed Caskets (Version I)
09 Letter To The President (Version I)
10 Everything They Owe
11 Happy Home
12 Untouchable Freestyle
13 Why U Turn On Me
14 Wonda Why They Call U Bytch
15 Starin' Thru My Rearview (Movie Version)
16 Po' ***** Blues (Remix)

Disc 4 - Catalog DAT IV

01 There U Go
02 Confessions (Breathin' Johnny J Remix)
03 **** 'Em All
04 Last ***** Left
05 Penitentiary Bound
06 Don't Stop The Music
07 U Can Be Touched (Part I)
08 My Own Style
09 Tattoo Tears
10 Tongue Kissin'
11 Late Night (Version II)
12 Don't Sleep (Rough Mix)
13 Too Late Playa
14 Heartz Of Men
15 Heartz Of Men (Instrumental)
16 Secretz Of War (Version III) (Clip)

Disc 5 - Death Row Collection I

01 Just Watchin’
02 Letz Fight
03 Words To My Firstborn
04 U Can Be Touched (Version II)
05 Brothaz At Armz
06 Staring Thru My Rearview
07 4 My *****z
08 How Do U Want It
09 Don't Go 2 Sleep (Version I)
10 High Speed
11 First 2 Bomb
12 All About U (Solo)
13 Toss It Up
14 Toss It Up (Instrumental)
15 How Do U Want It (Power 107.5 Remix)
16 And 2Morrow

Disc 6 - Death Row Collection II

01 Friends
02 Ghetto Star
03 Who Do U Believe In (Version I)
04 World Wide Mob Figgas
05 Letter 2 The President (Version II)
06 Black Jesus
07 Teardrops And Closed Caskets (Version II)
08 Fade Me (Version II)
09 Runnin' On E (Version II)
10 Worldwide Dime Piece (Version II)
11 Novakane
12 Retribution
13 Souljah's Story II
14 Young *****z Did U Pray Today
15 Thug Nation
16 How Many Shots Will It Take

Disc 7 - Death Row Collection III

01 Play Your Cards Right
02 Um Dumpin'
03 Hit 'Em Up
04 Soon As I Get Home
05 This Life I Lead
06 Grab The Mic
07 Don't Stop
08 Coast II Coast
09 One Nation
10 Military Mind (Version II)
11 Secretz Of War (Version I)
12 St. Ides Commercial
13 Thug Luv (Version I)
14 World Wide Stampede
15 They Dont Give a **** About Us
16 Runnin' On E (Version I)

Disc 8 - Makaveli & Dillinger - Revenge Is Sweet EP

01 Wake Up My People
02 Don't Go 2 Sleep (Remix)
03 First 2 Bomb (Remix)
04 Um Dumpin' (Remix)
05 Let's Fight (Remix)
06 First 2 Bomb (Version II)
07 Don't Go 2 Sleep (Version II)
08 They Don't Give A **** About Us (Remix)
09 Don't Go 2 Sleep (Soul G Remix)
10 First 2 Bomb (BBK Remix)
11 First 2 Bomb (Remix Instrumental)
12 Gotta Get Away
13 Revenge Is Sweet
14 Dramacydal In This Muthaphuka
15 Don't Wanna Be Broke
16 Can You Relate
17 Runnin' (Version II)

Disc 9 - Scrapped Album Tracks

01 Words To My First Born (DJ Quik UTEOT Demo Remix)
02 Thugz Mansion (BD Demo Remix)
03 Never Call U ***** Again (BD Demo Remix)
04 Thugz Mansion (BD Demo Acoustic Remix)
05 Runnin' [Dying To Live] (KMEL Radio Mix)
06 The Realest Killaz (Red Spyda Demo Remix)
07 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted (Nu-Mixx Demo)
08 Hennessey (Red Spyda Demo Remix)
09 Don't U Trust Me (Stereotypes Demo Remix)
10 Part 2 (Vocal Up Mix)
11 Real Thugs
12 Trying To Make It Thru (Fanbase Remix Demo Version)
13 Thug Luv (Version II)
14 Don't Sleep (Snippet)
15 Geto Starr (Unreleased Remix) (Snippet)
16 Geto Starr (Fastlane Legacy Mix) (Snippet)
17 Geto Starr (Better Dayz Version Unreleased Outro)
18 Run The Streets (Snippet)
19 Reincarnation (Snippet I)
20 Reincarnation (Snippet II)
21 Too Tight (Studio Session)

Disc 10 - Interscope Collection I

01 Life's So Hard
02 Thugs Get Lonely Too
03 **** All Y’all
04 Big Time (Remix)
05 Pain
06 Ready 4 Whatever
07 Is It Cool 2 ****
08 Cradle 2 The Grave (Moe-ZMD Remix)
09 Sucka 4 Love
10 Temptations (Moe-ZMD Remix)
11 Throw Ya Hands Up (Moe-ZMD Remix)
12 Losin' It
13 Runnin' From The Police (Version III)
14 Thugstyle
15 House Of Pain (Bad Boy Remix)
16 Fake Ass *****es (Yanni Version)

Disc 11 - Interscope Collection II

01 Hopeless (Skit)
02 Don't U Trust Me
03 Po' ***** Blues
04 Pass The 40
05 Don't Call Me, ***** (Version II)
06 What Goes On
07 Keep Ya Head Up (Black Angel Remix)
08 What U Won't Do 4 Love
09 Hellrazor
10 Resist the Temptation
11 Representin' For Ron G (The Heat)
12 Sucka 4 Love (Version II)
13 Thug Life
14 All In the Daze Of A Criminal
15 Fantasy
16 Runnin' From The Police (Demo Version)
17 Don't Call Me, ***** (Version I)

Disc 12 - Interscope Collection III

01 Bury Me a G (Solo)
02 Ghetto Gospel
03 Danger Times
04 Only Fear of Death
05 R U Still Down
06 Open Fire
07 House Of Pain
08 Can U Get Away (Hot Remix)
09 Tearz Of A Clown
10 Can't Turn Back
11 Who Do U Luv
12 I'd Rather Be Your Lover
13 Thug 4 Life
14 Holler If You Hear Me
15 When I Get Free
16 Can U Get Away (Ragga Remix)

Danny Boy - Slip N' Slide

Here is a bootleg made of a couple Danny Boy songs. Danny Boy was one of the biggest RNB sangers on Da Row. He was signed for a long ass time and never dropped a solo album. If you thought Crooked I was signed for a long time, think again, this nugga just sat on the shelf. Suge wasn't about to release an RNB album when he could release Pac material. But he was definitely a valuable member of the row. He was featured on countless hooks on other artists albums that actually got released.


01. Slip 'n' Slide
02. It's Over Now
03. All In The Club
04. I Can't Get Enough
05. Front Porch
06. Come When I Call
07. Slip 'n' Slide (remix)
08. Peaceful Christmas
09. Nobody's Home
10. Beautiful Lady
11. Dysfunktional Family Theme

Sam Sneed - Street Scholars

Here is an unreleased album from a muthafuckin gangsta by the name of Sam Sneed. Nigga was on Death Row for a short period of time. Not only did he rap, he also produced songs such as "Keep Their Heads Ringin". He released a single called "U Better Recognize" but the album it was for never dropped. Here is his compact disc or CD for you illiterate niggaz. Well it probably would be a cassette if it had been released now that I think about it. But fuck who cares. Oh yeah and respeckt tha cover. I had my nigga neo over at Wordap make it for me.


01 - Let The Madness Begin (by Drauma & Jheryl feat. R.C.)
02 - U Better Recognize (by Sam Sneed feat. Dr. Dre)
03 - Blueberries (by Sam Sneed feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg)
04 - Guilty As Sin (by Sharief & Drauma feat. Kurupt)
05 - Lady Heroin (Original Version) (by Sam Sneed feat. J-Flexx)
06 - Street Scholars (by J-Flexx feat. Dr. Dre)
07 - In Da Zone (by Sam Sneed feat. J-Flexx & Drauma)
08 - Street Dreams (by Drauma & Nature feat. Nas)
09 - U Better Recognize (Remix) (by Sam Sneed feat. Dr. Dre)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2pac - Unreleased Originals

Sorry for the highatus yall. I been blowing up that Cali Chronic getting high as fuck to that Kurupt cd I posted. I'll try to get back on my grizind and upload some more tapes for you inmates. Anyfuck, my niggaz here is a new bootleg with all them new Pac tracks that been leaking lately. I heard some real nigga from some inner circle leaked these tracks. I bet those bitch asses who paid $400 for this shit are pissed. Fuck those money havin ass niggas. We give you everything for free here at DeathRowTapes. These tracks be bumping tho! Definitely check it out.


01.Let Them Thangs Go
02.Po Niggas Blues
03.Holla If Ya Hear Me
05.Crooked Nigga Too
06.Black Cotton
07.16 On Death Row
08.Ghetto Gospel
10.When I Get Free
11.Ballad Of A Dead Souljah
12.Niggaz Nature
13.War Gamez Feat The Outlawz
14.If Theres A Cure For This Feat Snoop Dogg
15.Ambitionz As A Fighta (Mike Tyson Dedication)
16.Welcome 2 Death Row Feat. Danny Boy
17.Road To Glory (Bonus)