Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tupac Featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg - Amerikaz Most Wanted (Da Ghetto Verzion)

Aight y'all here is dat Ghetto version of the classic snoop and pac song. This was kinda like a behind the scenes version of some type shit. Anyfuck its an mp4 so its ready for ya inmates ipods. Or in my fuckin case my spipod. Yo I told y'all bitchasses I was gonna hit you up with some rare videos! Well here it goes!

Download Video Here

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Tupac - All Bout U (Solo Video)

Haha Im Back once again! Check this out heres the rare 2Pac All Bout U solo music video that just leaked.Its In mp4. and is in the best quality available.

Ya Welcome as always,give me them props yall

Download Video Here

Tupac - Toss It Up (Beach Version)

Wassup its DF coming with that hard shi*,here we got the Toss It Up unreleased beach version video.Its in mp4. its the best quality available too.

Download Video Herre

Tha Dogg Pound - Last Of Tha Pound

Wussup yall its The DoggFather bringing you that heat once again.Here we got Tha Last of Tha Pound By Tha Dogg Pound.Daz released this after Death Row released 2002.This got some rare tracks some early dpg tracks and later ones as well.Got this CD years ago on ebay.This isshh is hella hot and ya'll are gonna like this.Ya punks is welcome,holla!Props goes to the homie row for converting this as I had it in a different format.This CD features the Outlawz,Foxy Brown,NaS and others.

Download Here

01 - Don't Stop Keep Goin' (OG)
02 - It Ain't My Fault
03 - What The People Say
04 - School Hayard Aka DPG High
05 - Got To Get It
06 - Some Likk
07 - Stories Of Hoez We Know
08 - Jakkmove
09 - We R Them Dogg Pound Gangstaz
10 - Started

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Makaveli & Dillenger - Don't Go 2 Sleep (Tha Album)

Ok here is the 17 track version of Don't Go 2 Sleep. It features some of the tracks from Daz's at the time upcoming album as well as some skits and shit. Don't sleep on this gem right chear. It's not the 25 track version but it's probably the closest version any of ya'll will have to it. Shoutout to my homie nazispic for hookin this up. I see ya holmes! As always if any of you inmates got that 25 track version, that I'm beginning to think doesn't even fuckin exist, hook a broseph up.


01 25.5 Million
02 Wake Up My People
03 Dont Go 2 Sleep (Remix)
04 1st 2 Bomb (Remix)
05 Im Dumpin
06 Lets Fight
07 1st 2 Bomb
08 Dont Go 2 Sleep (Alt. Mix)
09 They Dont Give A ---- About Us
10 Dont Go 2 Sleep (Soul G Mix)
11 Only Move For The Money
12 1st 2 Bomb (BBK Mix)
13 1st 2 Bomb (Instrumental)
14 All Night
15 Dog Catcha
16 Get Shot Up
17 Thug Pound

Friday, October 23, 2009

Swoop G - Undisputed

Aight y'all I had to take another highatus but heres a hard to find cd from deathrow affiliate Swoop G. This niggaz only claim to fame was some song he did called "Head Doctor" with Snoop Doggy Dogg. He was also on the Chronic 2000 compilation as well as Murder Was the Case OST. Anyfuck check this album out. There's no big name death row features on this but he was fukin with Death Row at the time. The hottest thang about this here cd is the g-funk production. It definitely personifies (fuck that word prolly went ova ya headz) the Death Row sound.


1. Intro
2. Tha M.O.B. (feat. The Luniz, 3X Krazy, Cydal & Knucklehead)
3. Not To Be Fucked With
4. I Am The 1
5. My Life
6. Call Me (feat. Dee-Dee)
7. Who Got The Gangsta Shit Pt. II (feat. Bart & JT The Bigga Figga)
8. Gangsta In California
9. 20 Dollars
10. Testimonies (feat. 2 Scoops & Bart)
11. Eastside Madness (feat. T Luni & Tray D)
12. Simpin' Into Pimpin' (feat. Poppa LQ)
13. G House
14. She Broke Me Off
15. O.B.G.
16. Soldiers Prayer (feat. Cydal)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2Pac - Pain

Its ya boy The DoggFather comin with that dope ishh once again.

First off props to the homie Snoopy and 2Leak(some shi* like that) for hooking me up with this.Originally how this gangsta tape came together was 2Leak he made it and Snoopy organized the tracks and made a cover for it(he added ja rule's version of pain in 320 btw,he also added another remix of pain).

This tape is the shit,even your moms will bounce to this or cry this tape is one of the prophet 2pac's best song(every song dude went and done will always be the best) and also one of his saddest.Almost every one of yall could relate to this ishh pac came hard on this.Whats on this tape is different versions of pain.Also Theres the original sample that pain uses.Ya welcome homeboys and homegirls keep it real and one moe thing cop that lost sessions vol.1 album by snoop sh*t is mad bumpin'

01-2Pain - Intro
02-2Pac - Pain (Radio Remix Extended Version)
03-2Pac - Pain (Live)
04-2Pac - Pain (Burn Remix)
05-2Pac - Pain (Remix)
06-2Pac - Pain (Instrumental)
07-2Pac - Pain (Ja Rule Remix)
08-2Pac - Pain (OG)
09-2Pac - Pain
10-2Pac - Pain (Alt. OG)
11-Earl Klugh -Livin' Inside Your Love
12-2Pac-Pain (When They Cry Remix)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Warlord & Lake - Da Nu Dynasty

Here is another weird/rare bootleg from that website. It features tracks from Lake of Death Row East as well as Warlord. I also added 3 random Warlord tracks to the end of the tape. They were posted at the site as well. Here goes dis shit. By the way I posted tha fuckin back cover cuz the front was wack. Both are in the .rar.


01.Warlord - commercial
02.Warlord - king freestyle
03.Warlord - how i do it
04.Warlord & Big Los - thanks we
05.Warlord - going to war
06.Lake - crush linen
07.Lake - blow
08.Lake ft. CNN & Cormega - we gon buck
09.Lake - unarmed
10.Lake ft. Nas - let 'em hang
11.Lake - rise and fall (death row signing story)
12.Warlord - freak
13.Warlord - hands up
14.Warlord - yours

Eastwood - Self Made Vol. 3 (Serving the Streets)

Aight y'all here is volume 3 of the classic mixtape serious by our nigga Eastwood. I'm pretty sure he was off of Death Row by the time this one dropped but Ima post it anyways cause I posted the other volumes and shit. The niggaz Crooked I and Hot Dollar are on this tizzape as well fools! Shoutout to mr. riggs for hookin a nugga up!


01 - Eastwood - Intro
02 - Eastwood Ft Knuckleheadz - We ballin (Produced By Meech Wells)
03 - Crooked- I - Welcome to My City
04 - E-40 FT The Game , Snoop Dogg - No More
05 - Bloodshott Ft Kam , Dizzle - Made Niggas
06 - Roscoe - Training Dayshorter
07 - Eastwood - I'AM (Produced by Meech Wells)
08 - Butch Cassidy - So Gangsta (Produced by DAE ONE)
09 - The Jacka - Real Feeling
10 - Damizza Ft Butch Cassidy , Young De - Six Feet Deep
11 - Kurupt Ft Daz - Get My Drink ON
12 - Spice 1 - Eastbay G'z
13 - Goldie Locc , Chris Steel , Young Cal , Lebo - Gwap Up
14 - Eastwood Ft Cutty , Live Wire - I Got Swag
15 - Big Rich , Boo Banger , San Quinn - San Fransico Anthem (produced by Traxxamillion)
16 - Xzibit Ft Kobe - Gotta Get Em
17 - Glasses Malone Ft Rick Ross , Bird Man , T Pain - Sun Come Up
18 - Kartoon - Can't Stop Me
19 - The Jacka - Aspen
20 - Outlawz Ft Crooked - I - All These Haters
21 - Hot Dollar - I Luv The Streets
22 - Spice 1 - Welcome to the Ghetto

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LBC Crew - Escape from Death Row

Here is another LBC bootleg. This one is hotter than ever. It features my boy Crooked and Kurupt on some tracks! Hell yeah. Shoutout to Doggfather for making the cover. Definitely gonna bang this shit and smoke out in a few.


01 - Costie & Low Life - Low Life Intro
02 - Kurupt, Q & Tray-D - Back On Tha Smash
03 - Daz Dillinger & Cognac - What Cha Gonna Do
04 - Daz Dillinger, Hit From Tha LBC & Low Life - Here We Go Now
05 - Hit From Tha LBC, Crooked I & Ric - Do Your Thing
06 - Crooked I & Silva Satin - Uh-Oh
07 - Young Life, Lil C-Style & Hit From Tha LBC - Now That I'm Older
08 - Silva Satin, Ruff Dogg & Blaqthoven - We're Gonna Party
09 - Bad Azz, Young Life, Hit From Tha LBC & Blaqthoven - Rollin Wit Low Life
10 - Q & Young Life - Life
11 - Soopafly & Hit From Tha LBC - Hittin Fo'
12 - Q, Ebony-E & Toni Hill - Dance Wit Me
13 - Soopafly - They May Fuck Wit U
14 - RBX & Silva Satin - Flip Side
15 - Techniec Pay Back
16 - Techniec feat. Ice Cube - What You Gonna Do
17 - Techniec, Bad Azz - 92.3 The Beat Freestyle

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Death Row Unreleased Hits Vol. 1

Yo inmate here goes another Death Row Compilation for your asses. This dude made 2 volumes to this shit and compiled some of his favorites so there's bound to be a hit or 2 on here for your ass. Kurupt and Coolio go hard on Dedication!


01.Crooked I - G'd Up & Banged Out
02.J-Flexx & Sam Sneed - Lady Heroin
03.Top Dogg -If U Can't Take The Heat
04.2pac, Snoop Dogg, & DPG - Just Watchin'
05.Outlawz feat. Bad Azz & Prince Ital Joe - Bless My Soul
06.J-Flexx feat. Dr. Dre - Street Scholars
07.Above the Law - Cheese
08.Sam Sneed feat. Snoop Dogg - Blueberries
09.Crooked I feat. Sisqo - So Damn Hood
10.Top Dogg -Me and My Boys
11.Trae Dee feat. Snoop Dogg - The Shh For This
12.OFTB feat. Jewell - Check Ya Hood
13.J-Flexx feat. Sam Sneed & Drauma - In Da Zone
14.Tha Realest feat. Swoop G & Crooked I - Drivin In my Glass House
15.Kurupt, Coolio & Prince Ital Joe - Dedication

Top Dogg - The Renegade

Its ya boy The DoggFather wussup yall hope yall likin this blog.Check this out Top Dogg ya favorite biter right here this is a sampler to his new album: The Renegade.His style changed alot and this bumps check it out and ya welcome.

01-Top Dogg - Close 2 U
02-Top Dogg - Dreams Of Gettin' Rich
03-Top Dogg - Gangsta Makin'
04-Top Dogg - Who Let The Dogg Loose?
05-Top Dogg - Playa 4 Life

Crooked I - Guess Who's Back (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Yo we don't be posting new shit on here really but I thought this shit was worth a post. We got 2 artists previously from Death Row on a new track! They went and done squashed the beef and got to the money. Thats what I'm talking about mang! Hell mufuckin ya!

Crooked I - Guess Who's Back (feat. Snoop Dogg)


Tupac Lost Vibe Interviews (Parts 5 and 6)

Yo Inmates here goes parts 5 and 6 of that Lost Vibe interview from dat nigga pac! In the 5th part he be talking to Suge bout goin to Vegas and shit on the phone. In the 6th part dat nigga pac be talkin bout his movie Gridlock'd! That is most definitely my favorite Pac movie! That movie is crazy mang!

Lost Vibe Interview Part 5

Lost Vibe Interview Part 6

Monday, October 5, 2009

Daz Dillinger - Dillinger & Makaveli II (The Tribute Album)

Check this out yall the D&M 2 The Tribute album.Daz released this originally with DJ Nik Bean the most annoying f'ing DJ Of all time.Well the homie hooked me up with this untagged so goodbye Nik Bean nobody needed ya ass anyways.

01-Daz Dillinger - Daz Speaks on 1st meeting with 2Pac
02-Daz Dillinger - 2Pac songs produced by Daz
03-Daz Dillinger - Goin' Full Throttle
04-Daz Dillinger - 1st 2 Bomb feat.2Pac
05-Daz Dillinger - I Ain't Got
06-Daz Dillinger - It's Crazy
07-Daz Dillinger - So Many Tears
08-Daz Dillinger- F U Roll Call- JD, Suge Knight & Alan Grumblatt
09-Daz Dillinger - Till The Day I Die
10-Daz Dillinger - I Know U Wanna
11-Daz Dillinger - La Brenda Got A Baby Too
12-Daz Dillinger - Don't Get Caught Slippin'
13-Daz Dillinger - U Lookin' Cute
14-Daz Dillinger - Outro

J Flexx - Big Game James

Check this out ya'll. Tha DoggFather is back with that dope shit yall love.peep this out yall this is a rare j-flexx tape released in 2007 before his album BillBoard Dreams came out,he did this tape with DJ Jus Bus.This tape is mad hot and he uses some snoop dogg beats here and others.Peep This Out Yall

01-J Flexx - The Shit
02-J Flexx - You Know The Deal
03-J Flexx - Fade Me
04-J Flexx - Ladies
05-J Flexx - Imagine
06-J Flexx - Purple
07-J Flexx - Cruise Control
08-J Flexx - Money In The Tank
09-J Flexx - Ohio (Outro)