Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Makaveli - The 3 Day Theory (OG)

The head of DeathRowTapes is fucking back bringing you more dope shit. I got a couple thangs to get off my chest first tho. Y'all ever try that OG Cali Kush? That shit will have a nigga straight up high for hours. I aint used to tha shit ya digg. Anyfuck here's that Makaveli shit that I shoulda already posted. If you remember there was a lot of controverzy around this shit leaking. QD3 played it late last year on ustream and niggaz tryed to do a shitty ustream rip of it. Well eventually some better quality versions leaked and my nigga DGC remastered it. It was called the Three Day Theory cause it was recorded in 3 days. After the mixing and shit it ended up being 7 days so they changed it. Plus it definitely fit with all the clues pac was givin and shit. I converted his WMA files to MPthrees so ya'll rich niggaz can put it on ya ipods. I aint updating my damn spipod anytime soon tha even tho i been gettin money. I gotta keep it ghetto for life.

Download Album Here

01.Intro/Bomb First (My Second Reply)
02.Hail Mary
03.Me And My Girlfriend
04.Lost Souls
05.To Live & Die in L.A.
06.Against All Odds
07.Life Of An Outlaw

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  1. Can U make a link 2 DGC-Death Row Records in orda 2 promote tha blog-on-da-spot where U got dees file.


    Jiggy tha 'BP' from DGC.