Wednesday, October 20, 2010

50 Tyson possible d.r inmate?!?!

I heard he's in talks with Big Suge,big ups to ma boy 50 Tyson,I could picture dude being a d.r.r inmate,dudees music is smashin,no doubt yall need to peep out cat.Duke spits that real thug ishh man,niggah is vicious on the mike. You could really picture dude in blue and red all day,hes a balla.Foo is gonna be a millionare.Like that prophet 2Pac,50 Tyson sees and paints a peerfuct pictura.Duke is @ the top of his game,I ain't gonna lie.No joke.

Peep dude out!


  1. are you fucking kidding me??

    1) This guy is a fucking joke and wouldn't ever be considered for Deathrow. This guy is such a joke he was clowned on Tosh.0 on Comedy Central a while back. Not that any extra comments were needed, but this dumb ass couldn't even count properly, I'm sure his lyrics will be real deep.. hell he's gonna make soulja boy look like a fuckin poet. Non-existant flow, lame lyrics, and the inteligence of a pile of shit.

    2) Suge Knight isn't in charge of shit anymore, and certainly not Deathrow Records. Deathrow was sold years ago to WideAwake Entertainment, a Canadian based distributor. Poor Suge lost the rights to everything, including any chance of a future in the music business.