Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kurupt - Against The Grain

Sup thugs and thuggettes its ya boy The DoggFather,back up in this,I've been gone for awhile sorry about that,all that stuff stress a niggeh out.So I'm back to Bringin that heat pop this,what we got here is like the freggin well one of the versions of Against The Grain,this is just more of a compilation than anything else.Daz Dillinger,Everlast,Warren G,Bad Azz and a bunch of other fools are on this.Check this out!Itsa smashh.

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1.Load Up Intro
2.Load Up
3.Now Whut
4.I Call Shotz Pt. 2
5.Caller ID (Skit)
6.Gangsta Noize
7.On My Way
8.Mo Money 2 Fold
9.U Ain't Tha Homie
11.Gangsta Perogative
12.Bit^^ Make Me Rich (OG)
13.What We Go Through (OG)
14.I Keep Tryin'
15.Don't Go 2 Sleep (The Soul G-Mix)

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