Monday, March 15, 2010

CPO - To Hell & Black

Here is CPO's only retail release. I typically dont fuckin post this retail shit cauze they be tryin to take them blogs down like crazy these days but this shit is rare and not too many peeople have it plus its most definitely out of fuckin print. Here you row ridaz go. This aint a death row release nor was he fuckin with them at the time but he eventually would. This was that foundation he had alreadily eztablized.

Download Album Here

1.Ballad of a Menace
2.C.P. Osis
3.Ren's Rhythm
4.Flow to the Rhythm
5.The Wall
7.Somethin' Like Dis
8.The Movement
9.This Beat Is Funky
10.Gangsta Melody


  1. 過去的事早已消失,未來的事更渺不可知,只有現在是真實的 ..................................................

  2. Mr. ROW RIDER. Good Lookin for posting The CPO Info. You Gitz BIG G LOVE for that. . . Usually most of what gets posted is INACCURATE, but you seem to be a little closer to being on point. Just a few things are off. THE CD Did come out in 1990 but the title wasn't HELL and BACK, it was 'TO HELL AND BLACK'. And I'm Not sure How it got mixed up that (Young D) was a part of the Group, but the Truth is he was never in the Group, he just Co-produced tracks with Ren. And it wasn't that I stopped fuckin with The dudes, I was always a Solo Artist, I was just the 1st to represent The Capital Punishment Organization. The next Reps never did come out. That's why Most people thought my name was CPO instead of Lil Nation. So when I shook Capital Records, I shook the name Lil Nation too. I kept the name CPO cuz that's what Most people were familiar with, but Boss Hogg took the place of Lil Nation. Now the reason I'm known as CPO-Boss Hogg is for those who mistakenly thought that CPO and BOSS HOGG were two separate people. Plus Now EVERYBODY & they Mama wanna call themselves BOSS HOGG or HOGG BOSS Now WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT? But Anyway the name CPO Boss Hogg helps to distinguish The Real from The Bullshit. . . ANYWAY Once again Good Lookin ROW RIDER Love & Appreciation from 'The ORG.' Cpo BH