Friday, August 7, 2009

Chocolate - Liife N A Day

First off disregard this unreleased row album as being by Chocolate Bandit. It's actually by a totally different rapper signed to the row previously who went by the name of Chocolate. This fool signed back in '93. His album actually came out but isn't very well known because it didn't come out on Death Row. It came out on another label but Suge handled some of the project and let duke use his studio. The only major feature on this album that's well know is the homie snoop. Oh and a side note for you inmates, this was the dude that claimed to ghostwrite for Vanilla Ice. So if you were a fan of that wack fuck your bitchass might like this dude.


1. Sleeping Beauty
2. Life-n-a-Day
3. Rizin Son
4. Ghetto Holocaust
5. Good Til The Last Drop
6. Ghetto Court : The Verdict
7. Niggaz Iz Lyke Dat feat. Tre' Deuce, Snoop Dogg & CPO
8. Home Sweet Home
9. Supressed Environment
10. Here We Go Again (Round & Round)
11. 5 Ta Ten
12. The Gaffle

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