Wednesday, June 17, 2009

N.I.N.A. - Let Me Live

Here is that Death Row tape from Left Eye. All the features are fire. My nicca crook kills it and you already know about Pac. Thats my dude. Too bad she aint here anymore. Maybe Death Row woulda still been on top lol what am I saying? Hell na that shit would still be dead as a doornail.


1. Block Party Remix (feat Eastwood, Phobia)
2. Life (feat Eastwood, Danny Boy)
3. Let Me Live (feat Crooked I)
4. Universal Quest (feat Crooked I)
5. Rags 2 Riches (feat Kurupt)
6. Untouchable (feat 2Pac)
7. I Believe In Me
8. Hot Lanta (feat Kurupt, Juvenile)
9. Tru Confessions
10. Too Street For TV (feat Danny Boy)
11. Friends (feat Kurupt, Danny Boy)

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