Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2pac - Unreleased Originals

Sorry for the highatus yall. I been blowing up that Cali Chronic getting high as fuck to that Kurupt cd I posted. I'll try to get back on my grizind and upload some more tapes for you inmates. Anyfuck, my niggaz here is a new bootleg with all them new Pac tracks that been leaking lately. I heard some real nigga from some inner circle leaked these tracks. I bet those bitch asses who paid $400 for this shit are pissed. Fuck those money havin ass niggas. We give you everything for free here at DeathRowTapes. These tracks be bumping tho! Definitely check it out.


01.Let Them Thangs Go
02.Po Niggas Blues
03.Holla If Ya Hear Me
05.Crooked Nigga Too
06.Black Cotton
07.16 On Death Row
08.Ghetto Gospel
10.When I Get Free
11.Ballad Of A Dead Souljah
12.Niggaz Nature
13.War Gamez Feat The Outlawz
14.If Theres A Cure For This Feat Snoop Dogg
15.Ambitionz As A Fighta (Mike Tyson Dedication)
16.Welcome 2 Death Row Feat. Danny Boy
17.Road To Glory (Bonus)

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